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In the heart of Santarem, a city in the Brazilian state of Pará, an exclusive eatery has been serving the local community since it opened on December 18, 2013. Top Gun Armas, officially licensed with number CNPJ 19,427. 328/0001-17 LTDA is the retail ammunition and firearms sales benchmark.

This article purposes to offer a detailed overview of 19,427,328 Ltda Top Gun Armas, covering its past, key activities and current status as an operating company.

Historical and fundamental background

Top Gun Armas LTDA was founded on December 18, 2013, to meet Santarem’s ammunition and firearms needs and the Pará region. The time of their creation was when demand for these items was growing and people sought to protect their rights and fulfill the responsibilities of gun ownership. Over the decades, Top Gun Armas has remained true to its mission and adapted to the changing demands and rules of the firearms world.

Corporate identity

The company operates under the corporate identity “19.427.328 LTDA”, as indicated by the CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Juridica) number, which is 19.427.328/0001-17. The legal status of the company means that the company complies with Brazilian laws and regulations for conducting business. The CNPJ number is not just a formality, but an integral part of the company’s identity, allowing it to carry out legal commercial transactions.


19,427,328 Ltda Top Gun Armas is strategically located in Santarem, Pará. Due to its location, it is in an area where firearms and ammunition are sought for various purposes such as hunting, sport shooting and personal protection. The decision to choose Santarem as its headquarters reflects the company’s commitment to serving the local community as well as its commitment to its core business.

Main activities Core activities

Main activities Core activities

Top Gun Armas specializes in selling weapons and ammunition. It is an extremely specialized market with its challenges and obligations. It is part of the Federal Tax Service and classifies its principal business in the 47.89-0-09 category for retail sales of ammunition and firearms. This award underscores its commitment to legally and responsibly distributing firearms and other related products.

The company has a wide range of ammunition and firearms to suit the diverse requirements of its customers. Whether it’s rifles, pistols, shotguns or even specialty ammunition, Top Gun Armas strives to offer a wide range of products. This commitment to diversity ensures customers can find the right equipment for their needs while still complying with all legal laws, rules and regulations.

Normative compliance

A critical element essential to Top Gun Armas’ operations is its tireless commitment to compliance. The sale of ammunition and firearms is a highly regulated industry and compliance with these regulations is critical to the company and its customers.

Top Gun Armas must adhere to strict rules and regulations to operate legally. It includes conducting thorough background checks on potential buyers, ensuring buyers comply with all laws, and maintaining complete transaction records. In this way, the company contributes to the public’s safety while enabling responsible gun ownership.

Active registration status

Active registration status

According to the latest information, Top Gun Armas maintains an active registration status. It means that the relevant authorities have approved the company, can comply with all applicable regulations and has been given the authority to continue operations. It is a testament to the firm’s commitment to honesty, professionalism and compliance with the law.

Community participation and responsibility

Top Gun Armas is aware of its duty as a responsible actor within society. Beyond its commercial activities, the company actively works with local associations, law enforcement, and educational institutions to spread responsible gun use, safety and knowledge. This community engagement approach helps create an environment for responsible firearm use and improves public safety.

Customer-centric approach

In addition to ensuring regulatory compliance and community engagement, Top Gun Armas values exceptional customer service. Trained and experienced staff are available to assist customers with their firearm-related concerns. They can help you choose appropriate firearms, safety precautions, and legal guidelines. This customer-focused approach distinguishes Top Gun Armas as a trusted source for firearm enthusiasts and responsible gun owners.


As the firearms industry continues to transform and adapt to changing laws and market conditions, Top Gun Weapons remains committed to its primary goal of providing high quality items and solutions to the community it serves. The company’s future depends on its ability to change and adapt, ensuring strict safety and quality standards.



19,427,328 ltda Top Gun Armas is an integral part of the Santarem community and a reliable source of ammunition and firearms. Since its founding in late 2013, the company has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to legal compliance, community engagement and customer service. Its registration status is active, demonstrating its commitment to complying with the law and responding to customers’ needs. Customers. Current 46,429,030 Celso Nunes Goulart Itajai.

Looking forward, Top Gun Armas will continue to be a key player in Brazil’s safe and legal distribution of ammunition and firearms. With its strong brand identity and commitment to its core business. Top Gun Armas is likely the best choice for firearm enthusiasts and responsible gun owners throughout the region.

Frequently Asked Questions: 19.427.328 ltda top gun armas

  1. What are Top Gun weapons?

Top Gun Armas is an ammunition and firearms dealer based in Santarem, Pará, Brazil. It is a company under the name 19.427.328 LTDA and remain registered in CNPJ 19.427.328/0001-17.

  1. What year was Top Gun Armas founded?

Top Gun Armas remain founded on December 18, 2013 to serve the local community’s ammunition and firearms needs.

  1. Is the location Top Gun Weapons?

Top Gun Armas is based in the city of Santarem, Brazil. It is located in the Brazilian state of Pará.

  1. What are the main tasks of Top Gun Armas?

Top Gun Armas’ principal business, as defined by the Federal Revenue Service, is the retail sale of firearms and ammunition. They offer a wide collection of ammunition and firearms to suit different needs.

  1. How can Top Gun Armas ensure regulatory compliance?

Top Gun Armas remain committed to strict compliance with firearms industry regulations. The company conducts extensive background checks on customers. Ensures compliance with all legal requirements, and maintains accurate transaction records to ensure compliance with the law.