9 Must-Have Smart Gadgets For Your Bedroom

1. Smart Bed

No bright bedroom is complete without a smart bed. While this technology is still in its infancy, there’s no denying the benefits an intelligent bed can bring to your bedtime.

Some of the intelligent beds on the market today can be easily integrated with Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to give voice commands to adjust the bed. Some beds come with a mobile app that lets you check your temperature and track your sleep, heart rate, and breathing rate.

If those features aren’t compelling enough, at least one iteration of today’s bright bed can take care of itself at the push of a button.

2. Smart Pillow

Bright pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Among them are padded with built-in electronic components. Others come in small electronic inserts for your existing pillows, while some include handy bedside controllers.

But regardless of the design, intelligent pillows give you a few useful features, like preventing snoring, monitoring your sleep, and working as a personal audio solution.

The best part is that some intelligent pillows are smart enough to track your sleeping pattern and decide the best time to wake you up. That’s fine, especially if you don’t want to wake your partner up with a blaring alarm clock every morning.

3. Smart Speaker

If there’s one device that could instantly transform your bedroom into a smart one, it’s a smart speaker. Smart speakers are at the heart of your smart home, as the technology can do all kinds of things for you, from controlling your other smart devices to notifying you of the latest weather and traffic updates.

With a built-in digital assistant, you only need your voice to automate almost everything in your room. Smart speakers double as alarm clocks. In addition to innovative features, the speakers are also excellent audio solutions. Sit back and relax in bed while listening to your favourite singer or podcaster.

4. Smart Bulb

If you’re looking to make your bedroom smarter, chances are you’ve already installed intelligent devices in other parts of your home.

With smart bulbs, you can simulate natural light in your bedroom to help you fall asleep faster and wake up easier. Quickly set your bulb to dim late at night or start your morning with a warm white shade.

You’ll also not ever have to worry about the tedious task of turning off the light, as you can always ask your bulb-bound voice assistant to do it for you.

5. Blinds Or Smart Blinds

Do not worry. There’s nothing more annoying than curling up in bed after a long day and realizing you forgot to close the blinds. With smart blinds or blinds, you have the option of operating them from the comfort of your bed.

Smart blinds or blinds can be used anywhere in the house. However, the technique is more useful in the bedroom. You don’t have to close your shades or blinds manually, and they can automatically open the next day so you can wake up to natural light.

Like any other smart home device, you can easily control your blinds or smart blinds with your voice or automate them with routines. You can even integrate shades or shades into your alarm clock and set custom timers to open and close when you want.

6. Smart Bedside Lamp

After drawing the shades, you probably need some lighting in your stylish bedroom. However, a bright bulb can be overkill if you want to read in bed or create ambient lighting to brighten the room.

7. Intelligent Air Purifier

The air quality in your home has a significant impact on your overall health. Since you spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else in your home, the need for quality air is even more critical. It is where intelligent air purifiers come into play.

Smart air purifiers help keep your indoor air healthy and breathable while monitoring air quality and keeping you informed with reports. Some smart air purifiers also come with HEPA filters, which can help remove 99.9% of unwanted particles like dust, pet dander, smoke, and other allergens.

8. Smart Plug

Smart plugs can make your existing electronic devices smarter. Once equipped with an intelligent socket, any device can be controlled remotely via an app or voice assistant.

This superior technology also allows you to create routines triggered by a trigger, such as B. a sensor can be activated. For example, if your room temperature drops below a certain level at night, your fan will switch on automatically.

9. Smart Star Projector

With a star projector, you can bring the night sky into your bedroom and illuminate your ceiling with constellations. Both adults and children will enjoy the atmosphere. Best of all, some star projectors already come with built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility for added convenience.

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