Best SSD 2022 Comparison, Guide To Buying – If you want to play video games, you need processing speed and good performance.

To not have to suffer the blissful infinite load times and turn slowdowns (and, to enjoy the most cutting-edge and modern titles), you will have to speed up your computer.

How? Well, retiring your old mechanical hard drive for an SSD.

It is the best option to increase the performance of your computer without spending a fortune. That’s why I’ve prepared this for you.

I explain how this article is structured to go directly to the part that interests you the most. The guide is organized Buying guide: Comparison of the best SSDs according to their interface

Buying Guide: Best SSDs of 2021

Let’s go to what interests us: the Comparison between the best SSD hard drives of the moment.

To kind your life easier and so that you can check the information on each SSD, I have prepared this guide for you, organizing it according to the type of disk (if you are not sure which one you need, it is best to read this first: Types of SSD disks ):

  • Best SATA SSDs.
  • Best PCIe M.2 SSDs.

In both cases, I have considered the value for money to show you different choices within each category, so you can choose the disc that best suits your needs.

 Best SATA SSDs: balance between performance and power

The first thing you should know:

The SATA ( Serial Advanced Technology Attachment ) drive is the most common connection interface for storage (the system inside the hard drive). It offers a good balance between storage and power.

The primary characteristics of these hard drives are:

  • Simple configuration: one of the reasons these disks are the most used is their ease when configuring them since they can be constantly updated without significant difficulties.
  • Hermetic interior: so that neither dust nor air will raise particles that can damage the reading of the microchips, avoiding data loss.
  • They are cheaper because they are prevalent in the domestic sphere, and their speed is not the most cutting-edge (although it is more than enough, especially compared to HDD hard drives).

In short, despite not being the fastest, they are still the best option to improve a few years old equipments.

Having this clear, we will see the best SATA SSDs of the moment.

1. Crucial MX500

The main asset of this SSD is the excellent performance it offers for its affordable price since I can assure you that it competes hand in hand with the more expensive SATA models.

This model has a sequential read speed (the speed when reading long contiguous data strings) of 560 MB/s, which is not bad.

The random speed (for small blocks of data distributed at different points on the disk) is 95 K IOPS ( Inputs Outputs Per Second ), an outstanding figure for a SATA SSD at this price.

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity: 250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB
  • Interface: SATA
  • Read/write speed: 560/510MB/s.
  • Durability: 100/180/360/ 700TBW.


CUTTING- EDGE TECHNOLOGY: It is manufactured with the new 64-layer Micron 3D TLC NAND technology, ensuring energy efficiency significantly higher than the industry average.

HIGH DURABILITY: 100TBW (terabytes written) on the 250GB version, which is pretty good.


WORKS BETTER ON WINDOWS THAN MAC: This hard drive is better optimized for Windows, so Mac doesn’t get to squeeze all its performance.

2. Samsung 860EVO

This drive has just about everything: speed, an affordable price, a good warranty, and durability.

It offers unbelievable performance with low power consumption, making it ideal for laptops. It achieves sequential read and writes speeds of 550MB/s and 520MB/s, respectively, while the figure is 98K/90K IOPS for random speeds.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Models according to capacity: 250 GB/500 GB/1 TB/2 TB/4 TB.
  • Interface: SATA, mSATA, M.2.
  • Sequential read/write speed: 550/520 MB/s.
  • Durability: 150/300/600/1,200/2,400 TBW.


LONG SHELF LIFE: Its 4TB version has a shelf life of up to 2,400TBW (terabytes written), which is quite a lot.

BUILD QUALITY: This SSD has a 64-layer 4th generation 3D V-NAND memory architecture, ensuring more than enough power.

 3.Samsung 860 Pro See in Pc Componentes

SATA SSDs reach their maximum splendour with this Samsung 860 Pro.

It has extreme durability (using the 1TB version, for example, you could write more than 650 GB per day for five years, which is a lot) and a read speed that practically reaches the maximum that this interface can offer: 560 MB /s.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Models according to capacity: 256 GB/512 GB/1 TB/2 TB/4 TB.
  • Interface: SATA
  • Read/write speed: 560/530MB/s.
  • Durability: 300/600/1,200/2,400/4,800 TBW.


MORE PERFORMANCE: This drive contains a 64-layer MLC V-NAND memory chip and an improved controller over the previous version, the JMX that carries the Samsung 860 EVO that we have seen above, which improves data storage performance.

4. WD Blue 3D NAND

This SSD equals the Samsung 860 Pro in terms of sequential speed. Although it is true that in the random ones, it is shown behind with figures of 95K / 82K in its 250 GB version.

This SSD uses a TLC-type 3D NAND flash memory chip to balance the scale, which keeps the speed relatively stable over long write periods, something not everyone can say, much less at this price.

Significant:  It is the same disk as the Sandisk Ultra 3D. Although they are sold under different brands and names for marketing reasons. Therefore, my recommendation also extends to the Sandisk model. Just buy the one you find cheapest.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Models according to capacity: 250GB/500 GB/1 TB/2 TB.
  • Interface: SATA, M.2.
  • Read/write speed: 560/530MB/s.
  • Durability: 500TBW.


HIGH DURABILITY: Its rate is 500 TBW, much higher than other more expensive models.

AFFORDABLE PRICE: Considering the performance, durability, and sequential speed of this drive, the price is more than reasonable.


It is not optimized for other devices: If you use this SSD in a console. It may give you some problems or even not recognize it as it is optimized for PC only.

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