Are you searching for the ideal business phone service for your website powered by WordPress?

Incorporating a phone service into your business operations can significantly enhance your ability to handle customer calls effectively. This article has curated a list of the top business phone services to integrate with your WordPress site.

While displaying your phone number on your WordPress site to facilitate customer calls may appear to be a convenient option, it could potentially harm your professional image and impede effective communication.

A business phone system is a multiline system that includes unlimited calling, automated menus, ring groups to call multiple employees concurrently, voicemail-to-email functionality, and call recording. Types of business phone systems comprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), private branch exchange (PBX), and critical system unit (KSU). The best phone schemes for small businesses use VoIP technology, allowing you to utilize your business internet connection for the entire plan.

When do You Need Business Phone Service?"When

The best business phone services typically, you can add your mobile or landline number to your WordPress site and use it to take calls from customers. However, your phone number would not look professional, and you would not be able to communicate effectively.

When you add an appropriate business phone service, you can do the following:

You can change path call duration easily, wait times, and general usage.

Most business phone services offer call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, incoming call forwarding, call recording, and more.

Share a work phone number with multiple users at the same time (auto attendant allows you to transfer the call to the first available agent)

You can use a desk phone system, battery phones, or computers to make and receive calls.

Easily Add New Employees Without Hiring An IT Technician

Easily Add New Employees Without Hiring An IT Technician.

Business phone systems transmit voice over the Internet (VoIP systems), which means you can pick up your local or toll-free number anywhere. All you need remains a high-speed internet connection.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva remains the best business phone service in terms of features and ease of use. They offer a variety of features with quick setup and reasonable prices. In addition, it has a simple web-based admin piece that makes it easy for small business owners to manage the UC platform like a pro.

Nextiva’s VOIP phone service for small businesses comprises advanced call routing, free and unlimited domestic calls, voicemail to email and SMS, online fax, text messaging and more.

You also grow a free local or toll-free number, free number portability and all standard call handling features such as caller ID. Call forwarding, routing, messages personalized greetings, enhanced IVR (interactive voice response), and more. As a platform, Nextiva also offers other powerful features, including CRM, live chat, online surveys, call analytics, and other solutions that work seamlessly with business phone systems.

Note: We habit Nextiva on WPBeginner as our business phone service. In our experience, the Nextiva is the best small phone system, both in terms of features and price.

As a small business, our favorite feature is that Nextiva allows us to add a cell phone line to work so our team can answer incoming calls from our office or even remotely without having to share their cell phone numbers. The Nextiva app works on iPhone (iOS) and Google (Android) smartphones.

2. Call The Switchboard

RingCentral remains another popular [business] phone service for businesses of all sizes. They suggest one of the most feature-rich small business phone systems on the market.

Your [business] phone platform includes all the standard [business]-calling features you need. Including unlimited calls, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding, line sharing across multiple mobile devices and users, SMS text messaging, and more.

It also offers video conferencing with screen sharing, team messaging, 1000 free minutes, and integrations with Gsuite, Dropbox, Microsoft, and other services. In addition, it has intuitive cloud-based management that makes it easy to set up and manage your calls.