What is Complete Health Ranger Report? – Introducing, Organization, Test, And More

Complete Health Ranger Report – Introducing

Complete Health Ranger Report is the alternative health industry is also full of pseudoscience, liars, and hucksters who exploit consumer ignorance through misinformation. Before you think I’m reproving your chiropractor of scamming you, I realize that many honest businesses and knowledgeable professionals in the industry offer good health products, medical treatments, and information.

However, there are still significant companies that don’t. Out of all of them, there’s one who stands out for if fabrication, spreading and abusing paranoia, and promoting or selling useless products, and that’s Mike Adams and his Natural News business.

Adams, the self-styled “Health Ranger,” is the critical writer and owner of Natural News, a website known for posting health “advice” and conspiracy theories, much like the Infowars of alternative health. He is the type of person who repeats dangerous anti-vaccine stances and misleading anti-GMO arguments.

A Complete Health Ranger of Prime Examples

Adams’ reports themselves are prime examples of how he exploits the inexperience of others. In one new “report”, Adams acts as if he has a scoop. To briefly recap, Adams proves how phosphoric acid affects teeth by inserting himself into the discussion on the health effects of soda. Still, Adams’ work sensationalizes “scientific” reporting. There’s a gaping hole in the report for those of you who haven’t taken 11th-grade chemistry. Adams used a solution of 85% phosphoric acid and submerged a tooth in it for an entire day.

Adams himself acknowledges the answer is much, much more acidic than anything found in soda. However, he still tries to imply that drinking soda and having intense phosphoric acid in your mouth for 24 hours is even remotely the same thing. Also, Adams tries to scare even more by comparing Coca Cola Masterpiece’s pH of 2.525 to car battery acid, which has a pH of about .08. A car freestyle is about 50 times more acidic, and a lemon generally is twice as sour as Coke.

Adams and Many Organizations of Health Ranger Report

Just as questionable as Adams’ articles are his business ethics. While Natural News claims to be non-profit, that claim is very dubious. A few years ago, Adams decided not only to endorse the company “Moxa but also to form a partnership between it and Natural News and be a top-level distributor. One of those schemes will leave most people spending more and more money on Moxa supplements while getting little back in terms of monetary or health benefits.

Adams and his Natural News team are only one of the many organizations interested in exploiting consumer ignorance, using misleading business practices, and encouraging sometimes dangerous products that may hurt consumers. We should treat health sites and such with a healthy amount of scepticism and always do research into health matters. That makes it all the more problematic for people like Adams to take advantage of us.

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Our Favourite Supplements from the Health Ranger Store

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that’s important for maintaining optimal health. This essential vitamin is best known for its ability to support the healthy functions of the immune system. It is also necessary for the healthy parts of nearly all the structures in your body, including your heart, brain, lungs, bones, skin and gastric system. As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C can protect against oxidative pressure and provision good overall health.

Chief Patterns Non-GMO Pure Vitamin C Capsules deliver a sanitized, highly bioavailable form of the best vitamin C. You can take 1-3 capsules a day with water to boost your vitamin C intake.
Our vitamin C capsules are found entirely from non-GMO origins and naturally produced under specific values for purity and safety. Chief Architypes Non-GMO Pure Vitamin C Capsules are vegetarian, non-China, GRAS-affirmed and certified Kosher. They are also carefully lab tested for glyphosate, microbiology and heavy metals.

Health Ranger Report Nascent Alodine

A naturally occurring matter, iodine is an essential nutrient that facilitates a wide range of routine bodily procedures, including your metabolic, thyroid and immune functions. Additionally, stable iodine essential mineral needed by the body to produce thyroid hormones naturally. With unevenly a third of the surface tension of water, Health Ranger’s Nascent Iodine has one of the lowermost external tensions of any iodine product we’ve tested so far.

Because of this low surface tension, nascent iodine is easy for your body to engage. Our very potent iodine formulation create using the divinely-inspired Edgar Cayce way of adding energy to diatomic iodine to make monatomic “nascent” iodine. Each 1-drop serving offers roughly 350 mcg of necessary iodine.

Specially formulated for optimal interest, Health Ranger’s Nascent Iodine is a 2% strength stable iodine tincture that lab-verify for potency and composition. Instead of a glycerine solution, it uses a solution of pure, USP-grade alcohol. This gives our high-quality iodine extra an incredibly long sill life. Health Ranger’s Developing Iodine non-GMO, non-China and lengthily lab test for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

Health Ranger Organic Turmeric Gold Liquid Extract

Careful to be one of the most potent medicinal herbs, turmeric contains an active section called curcumin, known for backing the best overall fitness and wellness. However, raw turmeric has a strong taste that not everyone likes.

To help you knowledge the full benefits of curcumin without the bitter trace associated with turmeric. The Health Ranger Store has gone to great lengths to bring you organically. Lab-verified turmeric in a suitable runny abstract form.

Made from lab-verified turmeric full-grown under strict organic morals, Health Ranger’s Organic Turmeric Gold Liquid Extract breakthrough liquid turmeric formula loads with curcumin. Other antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. This ultra-clean turmeric formula covers no gluten, GMOs, extracts, fillers or pollutants. It is vegan, certified organic, and lab-verified for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology. Plus, it has a slight, slightly sweet taste due to the extra organic palm-based plant glycerine.

Health Ranger Report Select Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

Nigel in and Mela thin help support healthy intestinal elimination. Sterols may help improve healthy elimination throughout the body, a process that eliminates pollutants. Nigellone and Thymoquinone are two unstable oils known to ease muscle spasms and open respiratory tubes for easier breathing. Additionally, they can help the body provision natural breathing, an essential priority for people experiencing symptoms of allergies.

The specific benefits of Health Guardian Select Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

Essential Fatty Acids aid in regulating metabolism. Help eliminate toxins support normal insulin levels, and improve blood circulation and healthy liver function. Prostaglandin produces E1, which helps keep the body’s standard rule of blood pressure balance and hormonal balance.

Health Ranger Select Biological Black Cumin Seed Oil cold-press from Nigella Sativa seeds is solvent-free, alcohol-free and also 100% pure. It comes suitably packaged in an amber glass bottle for maximum protection against light, ensuring freshness.


After purchasing your seeds from the Plant Attraction, hop on to the Health Ranger Reports. Experience the difference with clean and also laboratory-verified nutritional supplements, organic superfoods, storable organic foods and preparedness items. The way Mother Nature designed it!

Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” is an outspoken consumer health advocate. High-quality investigative journalist, internet activist and also science lab director.

Mike Adams is widely standard for having a solid technical ability. That has allowed his websites to achieve very high degrees of success on the internet. He is also extensively known as a highly influential writer and presenter.

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