How Tall is Joe Rogan – Introducing, Think, Commentator, And More

How Tall is Joe Rogan – Introducing

How Tall is Joe Rogan is a controversial podcast host, comedian, and TV presenter. You may know him for his work as a host on Fear Factor, as a UFC commentator, or as the host of his infamous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. But, you probably know him for his headline-making opinions on politics, “cancel culture,” and more.

Yet, for someone whose controversy and personality loom so large, the internet seems to think Rogan himself is on the smaller side. Some rumours indicate the podcaster’s height is only 5 feet 3 inches, while others believe that’s just a tall tale. So, how did these questions come to be—and is Joe Rogan as short as the internet believes?

How Tall is Joe Rogan’s Actual Height

Due to the mounting interest in Rogan’s height, many investigations went underway. Snopes chimed in, proving that the skywriting proclamation was a myth through a thorough debunking. However, the proof was in the pudding after examining Rogan’s height compared to other celebrities in photos. The photographic evidence aligns with the size listed on Rogan’s IMDb page: 5 feet and seven and one-half inches.

Rogan’s now also lists him as standing at 5-foot-8, making it Rogan’s widely agreed upon height. While 5-foot-8 may still seem on the shorter side for some, it’s perfectly average. The national average size for men is 5-foot-9, so Rogan stands right among most men in the US.

Why People Think Joe Rogan Is 5’3″

In June 2021, some Los Angeles residents spotted skywriting as part of a marriage proposal. The last line of this skywriting plainly stated, “Joe Rogan is 5 foot 3.” This is undoubtedly a strange thing to include in a proposal. But, it’s also weird to lie about—which may be why the rumour got out of control.

How Tall is the UFC Commentator?

Joe Rogan claims to be 5’8″ tall. The UFC colour commentator has a comprehensive portfolio that includes being a comedian. TV show host, actor, and of course, one of the best podcast hosts in the world. His podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ is driven by Rogan’s natural way of conversation that incites intrigue and curiosity but, at the same time, is pretty fun.

Owing to the fun part of his personality, he can often relate topics of conversation to himself and cracks jokes about himself to keep the humour going and the conversation engaging.

One aspect of himself that he has made fun of many a time is his height. Of course, Joe Rogan is not the tallest of people out there, and he uses that fact as a point to relate to various conversations. Yet his jokes about his height have inevitably caused various misconceptions about his actual size over time. Some people even believe that Joe Rogan is no taller than 5 ft.

After that, Joe Rogan confronted the issue himself. First, he replied to the tweet, explaining that people changed his height. Then, as a joke, Joe Rogan clarified that his actual size is 5’8″.

The Real Reason Everyone Is Now Questioning Joe Rogan’s Height

UFC commentator, comedian, and actor Joe Rogan is a man who wears many hats. Recently, however, he’s been making headlines less for his work and more about his thoughts on COVID-19, the vaccine, and “cancel culture.”

In July, the New York Post reported that many employers at Spotify were upset that the music service signed an exclusive deal with Rogan because of his troubling remarks, including his past transphobic comments. His demeaning remarks, made in a September 2020 episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” alluded that the Kardashians are why Caitlyn Jenner transitioned, according to Insider. The Wall Street Journal reported enough uproar surrounding Rogan’s deal that the company had a town hall with its employees discussing the controversial star.

And while Rogan has always been a polarizing figure, he recently made the headlines not for his words, but for his height. Keep scrolling to find out why.


Joe Rogan has been teasing a shift to the heavyweight division to fight champion Francis Ngannou. Yet UFC President Dana White confirmed that Derrick Lewis would be the fighter against whom ‘The Predator’ will attempt his first title defence.

Any clarity on the Bones-Ngannou subject is yet to see the light of day. Nevertheless, the very idea of the matchup is fascinating for fight fans across the globe, including Joe Rogan. So, of course, we are discussing a possible bout between the two, Joe Rogan.

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