Wrapup PlayStation Com – Introduction

Wrapup PlayStation Com: PlayStation Wrap-up is pretty simple. You only need internet access, a web browser, and PlayStation login facts. Once you’re all set, go to wrapup.playstation.com for your PlayStation Wrap-up recap. Key in your details, and voila – your year in PlayStation betting should be wrapped up before you. Bask in the stats, the trophies, and the time well spent.

Wrapup PlayStation Com

How Can I Look Up My Wrapup PlayStation Com?

Looking up your PlayStation Wrapped 2022 is very simple and fun. All you must do is head to and sign in to your PlayStation account. Once logged in, you will be greeted by a joyful PlayStation-themed page with a big white key that says Start Now.

Once you have hard-pressed the big white button, the website will summarize all the gaming you did in 2022. This is split up into four central units. You will know precisely what to suppose from the 2022 Day in Review if you take looked up your Spotify Wrapped 2022. They are very like and show you all your most frolicked games for the year.

If you have, you may have already established an email attracting you to check out your 2022 Year in Review. That correspondence comes complete with a link that will straight you straight there. But emails can easily get lost in the conversion.

Take a Trip Down Recollection Lane With the Wrapup PlayStation Com

As one year ends and extra starts, it is the perfect time to reproduce the events over the last 12 calendar month. Observing your PlayStation 2022 Wrap-up is an enjoyable method to take a trip miserable recollection lane, and it only takings a few minutes to square it out. But, of course, Spotify Wrapped has already been and gone. PlayStation’s 2022 Wrap-up swiftly followed that. And thankfully for all.

A lot occurred in 2022, and it’s always fun to remember everything you played during the year, so if you want to see how to look yours up.

What is the 2022 PlayStation Wrapup?

The 2022 PlayStation Wrap-up highlights player stats for the year, with information about playtime, trophies, and other details tied to specific titles. Each year, Sony gives players access to these PlayStation stats via its 2022 Wrap-up, and users have begun sharing theirs on social media. With lightning-fast load speeds, a new supervisor, and a remarkable lineup of titles. The PS5 is the best plug-and-play gaming stage available.

First of all, the PS5 presently has the upper hand in games. PlayStation gamers have been liking Sony exclusives like God of War. Horizon Prohibited West, and Spider-Man

What is the 2022 PlayStation Wrapup?

Why we picked the PlayStation

Miles Morales. On the other hand, Xbox fans have been subject to a slimmer list of top-tier exclusives. Sony also has brought regressive compatibility into the doubling, too, and the PS5 will be bright to play the greatest PS4 sports so that you won’t fail out on late-gen names like The Last of Us Part II and Traces of Tsushima. The PS5 has the best game library out there right now.

However, the PS5’s solid launch lineup is only part of the equation. Slightly more extensive than the DualShock 4, the new DualSense controller improves haptic feedback, incorporating a precise sense of touch into the betting experience that forces feedback never achieved.

For example, the hand triggers can convey that tension if you’re draining your energy bar to pull back a bowstring or struggling to bust down a protected door. Of course, if you need more from your supervisor, you can always shell out for Sony’s improved DualSense Edge controller.

Create Your Own Wrapup PlayStation ComCreate Your Own Wrapup PlayStation Com

Do we want to know how much time we spent in front of the PlayStation? The time we play video games will maybe be lesser than when we listen to music, and everyone and their mum sent their Spotify Enveloped. So underworld, yes, we want to see our Wrap-up.

Receiving your Wrap-up is easy. First, you have to sign in on the Playstation Wrap-up sheet and click on all four signs of the PlayStation controller. The categories concealed late the icons are Hours played, games played, trophies made, and PS Plus sports. At the finish of the wrap-up, you get an instant postcard that you can share. My top ready was Call of Duty Warzone, and I loved every hour with my friends on Rebirth Island.

Your Annual Gaming Achievements, Playing Statistics

PlayStation 2022 Wrap-up is here. As another year winds down, apps like Spotify, Reddit, and YouTube have offered users a recap of 2022. The year-in-review that matters to gamers is also here, as Sony released its 2022 Wrap-up for PlayStation on Tuesday, highlighting users’ playing statistics, standout achievements, and favorite games on the platform for the year.

The PlayStation Wrap-up 2022 is available for PS5 and PS4 consoles, giving a crisp lowdown of the games you’ve played this year and the time spent in them. The Wrap-up also includes new avatars for players based on their gaming achievements.

Your Annual Gaming Achievements, Playing Statistics

PlayStation’s 2022 Wrap-up summarises PS5 and PS4 users’ top five most played games of 2022 and details global statistics for fun on the Sony platform. The global statistics include some exciting numbers — total miles driven in Gran Turismo 7. The whole axe throws in God of War Ragnarök, or total hours spent in the Horizon Forbidden West photo mode.

More About Wrapup Playstation

The 2022 Wrap-up informs users of their total playing time in 2022. Categorizing both local and online play and the total number of games they played in the year. It also looks into users’ PlayStation Plus statistics. The number of games downloaded via the subscription service Essential. Extra, and Deluxe tiers, their top online games, and the hours spent playing online.

The PlayStation Wrap-up 2022 also lists users’ gaming achievements for the year, listing the number of Trophies earned across Bronze. Silver, Gold, and Platinum categories. In addition, based on a user’s playing habits and achievements in 2022. The PS Wrap-up gives voucher codes for one of six unique avatars that can be exchanged on the PlayStation Store, Sony said on the PS Blog.


Finally, the 2022 PlayStation Wrap-up provides a shareable summary card akin to Spotify Wrapped, which undoubtedly inspires and highlights users.’ Best gaming memories and achievements in the year. The PlayStation 2022 Wrap-up lets players check their betting stats, such as playtime, trophies achieved, and most played titles. It also lets players compare their stats with others within PlayStation’s global public stats page.