Krissa or Ezrebet Lost Ark – Introducing

Krissa or Ezrebet Lost Ark Sublime Island is one of several Adventure Islands in Lost Ark that suggest riches and rewards to those who dare to visit. Sublime Island is situated east of Shush ire and northwest of Felton. as an NPC with whom you can do Rapport, you must fulfil a quest condition and a virtue condition.

One of the more low-key features of Lost Ark is Rapport – a friendship system where players can establish a strong friendships with various characters worldwide. You may be wondering, what’s the big deal? Why is Rapport important, and who are the best NPCs to build Rapport with?

To answer those questions, we’ve written up this quick guide explaining Rapport, as well as listed out a few specific characters that are well worth investing your time and affection into.

The expedition you must complete is called Primordial Reality. You can receive this mission from Ezrebet herself on Sublime Island. Regarding virtues, you must have 60 Wisdom, 60 Courage, and 70 Charisma.

Achieving a trusted stage with Ezrebet takings a total of 38,200 rapport knowledge. Assuming you won’t use rapport gifts, have learned all relevant songs and emotes, and finished all Rapport-related quests with her, it will take around 39 days for you to max Rapport with Ezrebet.

What is Rapport in Krissa or Ezrebet’s Lost Ark?What is Rapport in Krissa or Ezrebet's Lost Ark?

Put, Rapport is a friendship meter attached to certain NPCs spread across Lost Ark. By giving gifts, playing songs, using specific emotes, or completing side quests, players can increase the Rapport level with these characters for valuable rewards.

For a complete list of characters with a Rapport bar, travel to your Rapport tab, and the entire cast is presented for you to look through, alongside the rewards they can give. Also, if you’re unsure how to start building Rapport with a character, the unlock requirements for each character are also listed – nice and simple!

In Sublime Island, there are two NPCs obtainable to Build Relationships with. However, you can call individual build Rapport with one of them. You can unlock the other once you consume the Important Tier with one.


Ezrebet will be available for Relationship if you have fulfilled the quest and also virtue complaint.

To unlock Ezrebet, you need to whole the quest Primitive Existence. Erzsebet herself will assign you this quest on the Island.

In terms of Virtues required to solve Ezrebet, you’ll need 60 Wisdom, 60 Courage, and also 70 Personality.

Now that you know what it takings to unlock Ezrebet, here’s how to get to the Trusted Tier with her. To influence the Trusted Tier with Ezrebet, you necessary have 38,200 rapport experience.

You must learn all applicable songs and also emotes to get the number and all rapport-related quests with her. This feat will take approximately 29 days to complete.

Krissa or Ezrebet Lost Ark

If you want to have Krissa as an NPC to do Rapport with, you’ll need to whole Stern’s Expert quest and also have 60 Wisdom, 60 Courage, and also 70 Charisma.

The Stern’s Expert quest will be assigned to you by Krissa herself on the Island.

Now that we know how to unlock Krissa, here is how to reach Trusted Tier with her. You’ll need 38,200 rapport experience with Krissa to hit the Trusted Tier. You’ll have to learn relevant songs and emotes and also finish all rapport-related quests with Krissa to reach the compulsory number to hit the Trusted Stage. This will ideally need 41 days to complete.

How is Krissa or Ezrebet Lost Ark? – Introducing, Important, And More

Why is Rapport Important in Lost Ark?

Rapport, while not immediately crucial for your in-game progression (especially when levelling your first character), the items provided can prove incredibly useful as you start reaching the later stages of your Lost Ark career.

When it comes to collections, numerous elusive card gains from certain Rapport NPCs can grant applicable roster-wide bonuses when added to your Card Catalogue. In addition, currency, cosmetics, attribute/skill points, and even unique titles can also be gained from getting friendly with the right people.

If you compare two players, one who paid attention to their Rapport and also another who ignored it, you’d see a substantial difference in their in-game performance. It’s for this reason that Rapport is so essential.

Lost Ark Sublime Island Quests

There are three quests available on this Island, and also you can cash on these quests to fold some good loot. Here we have registered the Sublime Island Quests.

A Pleasant Aroma

On the Sublime Island, Janet will assign you A Pleasant Aroma quest. You will receive the following rewards for completing this quest.

Primordial Being is one of two optional quests available on Sublime Island. Ezrebet will assign you this quest. If you complete it so you will receive 30,000 Silver and also Ezrebet unlock as Rapport.

The second optional quest on Beautiful Island is Stern’s Specialist. Completing this quest will unlock Krissa and also reward you with 30,000 Silver.

How is Krissa or Ezrebet Lost Ark? – Introducing, Important, And More

Lost Ark Sublime Island Mukoko Seeds Locations

The Sublime Island features two Mukoko Seeds. This guide section will explain the Mukoko Seeds locations on Sublime Island.

Mukoko Seed Location

The first Mukoko Seed can be found to the south of the Island. The exact location mark on the map below for your convenience. Go to the place, and also you’ll see the Mukoko Seed directly ahead of you, towards the right corner of the area.

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They all have valuable rewards for doing so, meaning whichever way you look at it, you’ll be schmoozing up to the entire cast eventually. So we recommend picking out the tips you need and prioritizing the NPC who can provide them once you’ve finished with the named characters above.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our quick Lost Ark Rapport guide! For more Lost Ark guides, check out our articles on Lost Ark Trade Skills, why they’re essential, and also how to get the Lost Ark Twitch drops and also the Lola item set.

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