How is Mochi Jimin? – Introducing, Reasons, Name Meaning, And More

Mochi Jimin – Introducing

Mochi Jimin is a new snippet of BTS filming for the Show unveiled; you will surely remember that James Corden earned the nickname Papa Mochi as a reference to the nickname Jimin had from before.

When the Filter performer changed the title of this MC from Papa Mochi to Amigo Mochi, Jungkook asked why they called him Mochi, and Jimin was the one who explained that the nickname was chosen for him because he is so sweet. AWW! However, the rest of the members joked that they thought that it was because he looked like Mochi in James’ case. LOL!

James Corden is Papa Mochi

Jimin’s “Mochi” is a well-known nickname, even mentioned during BTS’ Carpool Karaoke. So Corden asked the K-pop collection about their nicknames, specified by fans. V communal that he’s nicknamed “Good Boy,” and Jinn is “WWH,” which stands for “All-inclusive Good-looking.”

Corden declared that Jimin is sometimes called “Mochi” by fans and the boys burst out smiling. After some elucidation from RM regarding what a Mochi is, Jimin converted the Baby Mochi to James Corden’s Papa Mochi.

“Mochi’s like ice cream inside, rice on the outside — Mochi,” James Corden said, cement to Jimin. Jimin re-joined, saying, “You’re Papa Mochi. I miss you, Papa!”

Previously, fans of the HYBE group have argued that there are several traits that the Japanese dessert has in common with Park Jimin, as to begin with the soft and smooth appearance of his skin, the adorable cheeks of the singer, and course, his good looks. Also, personality. Mochi is a very soft, fluffy, and sweet-tasting Japanese dessert that always has these qualities, although it exists in various presentations and colours. Sounds like a suitable nickname for the idol?

The Real Reason why Jimin is called Mochi

It seems that Jimin’s nickname is not what we thought, and the members of BTS revealed the reason why at least they have called him Mochi.

Each of the members of BTS has become known around the world for his talent and popularity. Still, in addition to their stage names being popular everywhere, some affectionately call them differently.

In some cases, with their real or full names, also adorably shortening their names or even nicknames. In the case of the latter. we find those born from ARMY’s creativity and those that emerged within Bang tan Sony aeon dan.

Jimin Made the Nickname “Mochi” For Doing This for Years

Fans are totally in love with BTS Jimin’s cute habit that he’s done since he debuted!

ARMYs call Jimin “mochi” because of how cute he is, especially when he pouts. Jimin’s pout types his cheeks look soft and squishy like the Japanese sweet treat. Jimin has been known to use his frown ever since he debuted, and it always makes him look super adorable! Additional one for the list of sweet habits Jimin has.

BTS Associate Jimin is not just called Mochi, here are his additional Nicknames that will Crack you Up

After a long wait, BTS appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Sing-along. And we would love to say that it was all about fun! BTS members Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga, and RM, stood seen having fun with James Corden throughout the Show. The Bang tan Boys sang songs from their recently released album, including Bruno Mars’ Finesse.

One of the Show’s major highlights was when Corden prompted the BTS members to talk about their nicknames. During their fun interaction, Corden knew that Jimin’s nickname was Mochi, and it did not take him long to call Jimin Mochi. Of course, someone who is a die-hard fan of Jimin knows that he is a hilarious person! So, when Corden called him Mochi, he nicknamed Corden “Papa Mochi.” Now, if you’re someone who wasn’t aware of Jimin’s sweet nickname, hold on because there’s more! This list of Jimin’s nicknames will crack you up. But do let us see which one you love the most in the comments section below.

Every Single Nickname That Fans Call BTS Jimin, And the Meaning Behind Them

We all love our Mochi, but do you know why that’s his nickname? When BTS was on American Hustle Life, Tony Jones came up with this nickname. Jimin seemed to love this nickname, and fans couldn’t help but adopt it.

Jiminy is simply a cute way to pronounce his name, and Suga just added his last name to the nickname to create Park Jiminy.


Sure, Jimin dearests ice cream like the other BTS followers. That’s not the only motive why fans nicknamed him Mochi, though. This K-pop idol’s chubby cheeks and adorable persona are primarily due to his chubby cheeks.

“Fans started calling Jimin mochi because his cheeks look like the squishiness of a mochi,” one Quora user said. “Another reason is his cute persona, especially when he does agio. Fans ongoing calling him Mochi after seeing his pouts.”

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