A career as a nursing assistant will bring you closer to a robust labour market and a profession designed to humanize the relationship between health environments and patients. 

In addition, according to SEPE data, each year, more than 140,000 graduates are hired in this speciality. 

Investing in quality training is essential for you to become this figure. Therefore, the first thing you want to know about the Nursing Assistant course is its price. We reveal it to you in this article!

How Much Does a Nursing Assistant Course Cost?

When talking about the price of a Nursing Assistant course, there is no authoritative figure. Each training centre sets the enrollment prices based on their criteria.

the services they offer and other determining factors, such as teaching hours and whether they offer internships. 

A Nursing Assistant course can range between 500 and 2,500 euros depending on the services offered

Considering some of the factors that influence the final figure, we can provide you with a price range from 500 to 2,500 euros. It seems like a considerable investment, but when choosing your training, it is essential to bet on quality and the one that contributes to your future.     

Payment Facilities 

As it is a high investment, many academies offer payment facilities, giving the option of paying in cash or instalments month by month. 

In addition, the training centres also offer scholarships for specific groups or lower their prices at certain times of the year. Be sure to check the details with the centre you choose!

Discover the syllabus of Intermediate Vocational Training in Nursing Assistant

What Factors Influence the Price of the Nursing Assistant Course?

In the previous section, we mentioned some of the factors that affect the price of the Nursing Assistant course. Of course, the more services and resources, the more the cost increases. 

The main thing is to make sure that your investment is worth it because, on many occasions choosing the cheapest course may not be the option that benefits you in the long run. Therefore, you must consider the nursing assistant course’s services in the price. 

Duration of the program 

The more hours the program lasts, the more content can be taught in training. A directly proportional relationship favours a rise in price in exchange for a more significant amount of time. But it is essential to assess the level of specialization you will receive in that extra time and if it is worth it.   

Quality of the Syllabus

Ensure that the training centre provides a quality syllabus according to the profession’s demands and updates. Of course, it has to be adapted to the official syllabus of the Ministry of Education. In the health environment, you must receive content that is up to date and accurate to job performance.

Didactic Resources

The didactic resources can significantly help the students advance in the syllabus and assimilate the subject in the online and face-to-face modality. 

These materials are included in price of Nursing Assistant course; make sure they are helpful to you. Video tutorials, specific modules, or access to expert lectures complement your training, influencing the final price.


Training centres usually offer a diploma that certifies that you have completed your studies and are prepared to enter the labour market. 

It is an element that will add value to your profile and that you can add to your CV to stand out among the candidates for a position as Nursing Assistant. Be sure to contact the academy to find out details about their degree. 

Nursing Assistant Course: Train for the Profession

The Nursing Assistant course is essential to train you for professional practice. We recommend that you check if the program includes professional internships or access to a job bank so that you can access an apprenticeship period in a natural work environment and companies in the sector. 

Internships in Companies

Ensure that your training includes a professional practice module to bring your learning closer to actual performance within the sector. In addition, you will be in an environment under the tutelage and putting into practice everything studied. 

Employment Exchange 

A training centre can open the doors to the job market by providing a job search service that notifies you of all the offers according to your professional profile. 

Check the company that collaborates with your academy and its experience in the field of Human Resources to promote your incorporation into entities belonging to the sector. 

Quickly Access the Labour Market

More than 500 public sector hospitals are active in Spain, one of the spaces with the most significant labour insertion among nursing assistants who pass the corresponding opposition. 

By studying thoroughly for the Free Tests, you will be able to get your degree and practice in this field and private centres, clinics, geriatrics, or even spas. 

Trust CEAC to pass the Free Tests with the Nursing Assistant Course. You will find a positive balance of quality and price. You will be able to access resources that will enrich your training and a Randstad employment exchange that will keep you informed about all the offers adjusted to your profile throughout Spain. 

Do you want to receive more information? Contact us! We are at your disposal by call and email. You can also fill out the form found on this page and provide us with any questions you may have about the training. Our team of advisers will contact you as soon as possible. We are waiting!