Best Free Internet Phone Call Apps


Yes, you really can make free calls over the internet. Some messaging phone call apps support free calls, sometimes to anyone globally, but sometimes only to US and Canadian numbers.


A free Wi-Fi phone can’t make an emergency call to 911 or something like that. So instead, use a regular landline or cell phone in an emergency or a genuine Internet phone service accepted for such use.

The Applications Listed Below are Available In Two Forms:

App to Phone: Make free calls from a computer or mobile device to an actual phone number, sometimes vice versa.

App to App: Make free calls between phones, tablets and computers. Calls only work if the recipient has installed the same app. It cannot be used to call landlines or other devices that do not have the appropriate software.

Our Google Voice Test

Google Voice is one of the best conducts to make phone calls over the internet. You can kind free calls to an actual phone number, PC to PC calls and free PC to phone calls.

However, Voice is much more than that: it’s primarily a way to manage the phone numbers in your life, intelligently routing incoming voice calls to all the other phones you own or sending them straight to voicemail. Vocal. You can also filter calls and create custom away messages for specific contacts and create groups in your contact list to which the rules will be applied.

Other features include free texting, free conference calls, and free voicemail services.

Free calls made with Voice must be to US or Canadian numbers and are limited to three hours. However, you can still call the same number for free.

Whats app

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is a general texting app with hundreds of millions of users. However, you canister also call your WhatsApp friends straight from the app using only your internet linking (this does not count against your phone plan minutes).

Just verify your phone number to get started. Once you use the app, you can create a new conversation to see which of your contacts are also using WhatsApp clearly, and then you tin call them for free no matter where they are in the world. Group calls can comprise up to eight people.

WhatsApp also lets you send videos, photos, locations, and contacts to other users. In addition, end-to-end encryption is supported for all communications within the application.

Since WhatsApp requires the app to kind free calls, you cannot use it to make free calls to phones without installing the app or landlines.

Text Now

Text Now is a mobile application that can send and receive free calls from other users. You can also send typescript messages to any phone to get an actual number. However, you must purchase or receive redeemable credits to make calls to non-users, such as B. Landlines.

The interface is straightforward. It tracks call history in the message centre, it’s quick and easy to start a call, and you can even send messages during an active call.

In addition to sending text messages, you can use Text Now to send photos, drawings, emoticons, and your location. You can also customize your voicemail greeting, get email notifications when you receive messages, change the message indicator background, use different reports for different contacts, customize the general theme and use a signature for all your posts.

Google Duo

Our Google Duo test

Google Duo remains another audio calling app from Google. You tin only make audio calls or use it for free video calls. However, you cannot send or receive text messages with Google Duo.

When you select a contact to call, Google Duo adds other Google Duo users to the top of your contact list. Everyone else remains listed below with an invite button next to it so you can request them to seam you on Google Duo for apps.

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