Sonic Online Order -Introduction

Sonic Online Order: Sonic is a free app to order or get half-price Sonic drinks & slushes anytime you request through the Sonic app. You’ll still get Sonic Happy Hour prices on any slush or Sonic drink menu item as long as you order through the Sonic app.

Sonic Drive-In has restored its order-ahead and drive-through delivery skills to create a frictionless, personal experience for its customers.

Sonic Drive-In Rolls Out Mobile Ordering

Behind the build of Sonic Online Order

Sonic spent the past few years waged with digital technology firm R/GA on rewriting and innovating the mobile app, applying the touchscreen, and connecting them and other methods to various cloud facilities in a system it calls DIP — the digital invention stage.

Due to tariffs and pricing variables, Sonic couldn’t power profitable off-the-shelf software or a white-label key to build DIP, let alone the mobile app and POPS systems. “That won’t work for Sonic since of the difficulties and changes to menu orders,” Dortch says.

DIP comprises custom software and structure built from the ground up, says Katrina Bekesy, executive technology director of R/GA Austin. This includes a new suite of APIs and new software for the POPS shelters at each drive-in stall. In addition, these systems are held in a mixed cloud composed of Amazon Web Services and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Sonic expects to have over 90,000 POPS digital shelters across nearly 3,600 drive-in locations as part of this change. “Sonic is nothing but green field. “All built from the ground up to be custom-made for where they want to go.”

The Mixed Results of Sonic Online Collation

It’s exciting security to one of the chief working bugbears of most quick-service chains’ mobile ordering services. High volumes have confused employees, bogging down services for regulars stuck at the counter who didn’t choose the mobile ordering option. In this respect, Sonic’s stalls and assortment of digital tools are a huge asset, allowing the business to create a frictionless yet personalized service, says Dortch.

Here’s how Sonic’s order-ahead facility works: When a client orders from the mobile app and pulls into any numbered stands, the car driver hits the “check-in” key on the mobile app and types popular the stall amount so that the carhop knows where the client park.

This is where the personalization feature comes in. Each stall has a touchscreen that displays the customer’s name and avatar, order status, and the name of the carhop delivering the food. Most order-ahead meals are provided in two actions or less once a customer has checked into a stall.

That serves to get more personal over time — and with the collation and ingesting of many burgers and tater tots.

Sonic Drive-In Rolls Out Mobile Ordering

The Sonic On the Go program has launched in 71 locations. Via the program, Sonic customers can order via their smartphone by accessing the company’s mobile Web site and pick it up via the drive-through window. “Restaurant brands are looking for new ways to let customers order and pay ahead for faster, easier, and more accurate service,” Online Ordering, New York.

“OLO clients report a 32 percent increase in average order size and 83 percent of customers ordering more often when customers make the transition from ordering over the phone to ordering through OLO,” he said. “Mobile means that customers can access the same pre-order and prepay capabilities we offer while on the go. “Customers can save their favorite orders and securely store a credit card on file, making it easy to get expedited service by ordering through text message, mobile web, or a mobile app.”

The mobile ordering function will save consumers time instead of driving to the drive-thru and waiting for their orders.


Sonic Drive-In Rolls Out Mobile Ordering

According to Sonic, the service is cost-effective, and all orders are prepaid and integrated into the company’s merchant accounts. “With pilot programs like this, marketing channels are relatively constrained.”
“Our clients tend to rely on in-store and digital marketing only. “Email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and the restaurant Web site are all perfect channels for a targeted message to pilot-area customers.”

Additionally, Mr. Glass believes that consumers will like the pilot. Program because mobile ordering is faster, easier, and more accurate than ordering over the phone. Consumers can pre-order, prepay and schedule their pickup times so that their food is ready and waiting when they arrive.

“We take a thoughtful approach to mobile ordering,” Mr. Glass said. “OLO starts with text message ordering to provide all customers with mobile phones with a simple yet powerful. Way of collecting and paying ahead.

“Next, the company launches a mobile Web site to enhance the mobile ordering experience,” he said. “We use analytics to measure the mobile operating systems accessing the mobile Web site and inform a mobile ordering app strategy.

“Lastly, OLO creates the mobile ordering apps that plug into the larger remote ordering program.”


With the Sonic app, you can browse the menu, convert your order, and add items to your bag. You can then pay for your order using a credit or Sonic gift card then select a pickup time. When you arrive at the store to pick up your order. Pull into a stall and also use the app to check-in.

The SONIC Drive-In app lets you get instructions and pay with your mobile. Get plunders, learn about new items and offers, look at the menu, check nutritional info, and more! Order Fast and be first in line every time! Plus, get Content Hour Time when you order ahead done the app.