Summit County Health Department – Introducing

summit county health department for Public Health provides several services that prevent disease and promote and protect the community’s health. Public Health also provides information and referral for healthcare availability in Summit County.

Mission Statement

The Summit County Public Health Department serves to protect humans.

Assessing health status and making continuous proactive improvements to ensure that health needs are met effectively and efficiently. Creatively enhancing knowledge and cultivating behaviour which contributes to a healthy community. Implementing regulations professionally and responsibly. Preventing the spread of infectious disease and replying to all hazards.

Health Through Leadership and Community Partnership by:

Health to offer free COVID-19 booster drive-thru CLIN Summit County Public Health will offer free COVID-19 booster shots on Tuesday, April 12, during a drive-thru vaccination clinic at the health department office. The clinic will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1867 W. Market St. in West Akron. No appointment is necessary. The Pfizer and Modern vaccines will be obtainable, and covers are compulsory.

What You Need to Know

Summit County Community Health will offer free COVID-19 booster shots during a drive-thru immunization clinic at the health department office. Coved boosters can be given four calendar months after the first supporter dose. Must be 50 or older, immunocompromised or have established Johnson & Johnson injection for first shot and booster

summit county health

Summit County Health Section Hosts COVID-19 Booster Clinic

The Summit County health division will offer a drive-thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Akron on Tuesday, officials said in a media release. At the clinic, no actions are necessary, thought of 1867 W. Marketplace St. from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All Three Vaccine Products will be Available, According to the Release.

According to the health department, those interested do not need to make an appointment. Patients may walk in, although if there is a high request for the vaccinations, the health authority may ask people to come back later to sidestep traffic back-ups.

  • Masks are required at all SCPH vaccination clinics.
  • SCPH will offer Pfizer and Modern 2nd booster doses four or more months after the first booster dose.
  • Those ages 50 and older
  • Those ages 12 and older and 18 or older who are moderately or severely immunocompromised
  • Those who received Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine for their first shot & booster

Health Department Complaints Levelling Out in Summit County

The latest round of restaurant and business reopening nor the Dedicatory Day weekend stirred a surge in complaints to Summit County Public Health, which has seen the number of such reports level out.

Department records show that just under 100 complaints were filed from last Thursday, the day restaurants and bars could reopen for indoor dining, through Monday’s holiday. The department has caught more than 3,500 complaints since the coronavirus crisis began. Close to 3,000 have been resolved, with just over 1% of the pending review.

After nonessential businesses order to close in late March, Summit County Public Health was receiving more than 200 calls a day. That amount now rarely exceeds 100 in a day. Tonia Burford, environmental health director of the section, said. At the same time, the volume of calls has dropped off, and the reasons for reports continue to evolve based on the latest state moves toward reviving the economy.

Types of Common Complaints

The type of complaint changes depending on what changes were made in the orders. Common complaints over the holiday weekend were related to overcrowding and employees either not wearing masks or wearing them improperly.

Many of the complaints were against bars and restaurants, but all businesses report, including offices, manufacturers, salons and golf courses. Burford said it would take a few days to work through the latest round of complaints, but in general, many businesses are not found in violation when complaints are received.

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Summit County to Remain in Reasonable/Orange Phase

Summit County Convention adopted Joint Public Health Order 2020-06, leaving Summit County at the Moderate or “Orange” Risk Level as other parts of Utah move to the “Yellow” Risk Level. This Order will be studied in one week by the Ruler’s Workplace.

“The data we have seen over the previous two weeks is hopeful,” Summit County Deputy Health Director “Our strategy for remaining at the Moderate Risk Level is to fully understand the results of lifting the Stay At Home Order and gather the information that will guide our reply as we move into the summer months. We are dynamically working with other Moderate Risk Level areas such as Watch County and Salt Lake City to recognize the transmission of COVID-19 between our shared workforces.”

Joint Public Health Order 2020-06 abridges Order 2020-05, reducing the text to 16 sides from 54. It is aligned with the Ruler’s Moderate Risk Level Order, aside from 4 areas at increased risk in Summit County: Indoor Recreation, Arts & Entertainment, Lodging and Restaurants.

“Our association with the Governor’s Office to remain at the Moderate Risk Level provides critical time to estimate the impact of moving from High to Moderate Risk,” Summit County Council Chair Doug Clyde said. “We are a global travel destination and our workforce has close links to Salt Lake City and swatch County. These unique factors call for a different reply than in many other areas of the state. We have made tremendous progress in COVID-19 due to the actions of our residents’ response to our local healthcare organization. Our goal is to reservation that progress as we move onward.”

Factors Influencing this Decision Include:

It provides critical time to honestly evaluate the impacts of moving from High Risk to Moderate Risk. Swatch County and Salt Lake City, two areas where Summit County residents and workforce commute to and from, remain at the Moderate Risk Level. Travellers and tourists visiting Summit County continue to be a possible program risk.

Summit County has the second-highest helpful rate per 100K people in Utah and also an R0 below one that looks to be increasing. R0 is a metric that defines how transmissible a virus is. R0 predicts the average number of persons who will catch COVID-19 from one infected person. For example, if the R0 were 2, one person with COVID-19 would likely feast the virus on two individuals.

In the Order, public and private meetings remain limited to no more than 20 persons, with specific exemptions for the extra response, grocery stores, gas stations and also other essential industries. All hot tubs, spas, saunas, vapour rooms, locker rooms, bike share, dog parks, and also freedom swimming pools will remain closed to members, guests, patrons, and the general public.

summit county health

Summit County Health Director Issues Public Health Guidelines on Gatherings and Additional Business Industries

The continuing and also direct threat to public health from the COVID-19 virus. Effective immediately,

Protocols for dental clinic facilities.

“Every Health Order we pass is to protect public health in Summit County,” “We are in the fight in contradiction of COVID-19 for the long haul. Each active step we take today saves weeks and also months of reactive measures down the road. The cooperation of our communities will magnify our efforts.”

The Order Addresses the Following:

Gatherings of more than ten individuals are prohibited—restrictions and limitations for commercial and residential building and construction work sites. There are restrictions and limitations to hair, nail and tanning salons, physical therapy clinics, and also services.

The Public Health Instruction will be re-evaluated in 14 calendar days but does not now expire until April 22, 2020. At that point, the Order ended, lengthy or improved. This Order adds to a previous order on restaurant services that took effect on March 15. The most recent Public Health Order violations are punishable as a Class B Misdemeanour in Summit County. Businesses, employees and also followers of the general public who have inquiries or concerns about the agreement encourage to call the Summit County Community Concerns Line at 435-333-0050.

“This plague will not cure itself overnight or over a calendar month,” Chair Doug Clyde. “We ask the community to aid us in our fight in contradiction of the spread of COVID-19 by complying with these Health Orders to their fullest extent. These efforts need industry and also endurance from every group in every community in Summit County. One person who thinks the rules don’t apply to them can endanger our vulnerable people and severely set back our efforts with their careless actions.”


To slow the feast of COVID-19, Summit County Management and also its Health Department has enacted. A series of emergency declarations and public health. Orders limiting food service, prohibiting gatherings of more than ten and other preventive measures.

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