Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies – Introducing

The teddy bear cut for Yorkies haircut could take the cake on the cuteness factor. This mid-length cut frames your Yorkie’s face, so she resembles a teddy bear while keeping the body fluffy and full.

A senior veterinarian at Chewie’s hair should be around two to three inches long throughout with this cut, which gives a nice layer of warmth during the cooler months. While it may be super-adorable, this style does require more frequent grooming to keep up the trim. However, it could be worth it if you prefer the cuddly style.

Everyone loves Yorkies for their silky-soft coat. While preparing your Yorkie starts at home with regular bathing and combing, haircuts by an expert groomer will keep your puppy neat, healthy, and watching like a million bucks. There are numerous adorable haircuts for Yorkies that can be hard to select. While show Yorkies may display floor-length coats and topknots, the most general cut for Yorkies at home-based is the teddy bear or puppy cut.

What is a Yorkie Teddy Bear Cut?

A teddy bear cut, also known as a puppy cut, is a medium-length cut for Yorkies in which the groomer uses scissors to trim the entire coat to one length, usually between ½ an inch to 1 inch long. Sometimes, the groomer will also permit the hair around the Yorkie’s face and legs to be more extended than the rest of the body, trimming them to give a rounded, teddy bear look.

yorkie teddy haircut

What is the Difference Between a Puppy Cut and a Teddy Bear Cut?

A “puppy cut” and “teddy bear cut” are the same. These names imply a simple, low-maintenance cut where all of the hair is cut to roughly the same length. This is generally done with scissors instead of a signal to keep a fluffy, textured coat.

Despite what you may have heard, there is no “proper” length of a puppy cut or teddy bear cut. Some groomers may trim to half an inch and others over an inch. These cuts are to have a short coat length that looks cute and fluffy—like a teddy bear or like a puppy.

However, with some groomers, there is a slight distinction between the two. They may leave the hair on the legs and around the face a bit extended on a teddy bear, cut and slim them to look round—like a teddy bear.

When should a Yorkie Puppy get its First Haircut?

Most Yorkies have their first haircut before six months. Many owners go at the four-month mark, others at five. It depends on the length of your Yorkie’s coat, the weather, and, importantly, your dog’s vaccinations.

You should never bring your puppy to get a haircut before it has needed all of its shots. You are going to a busy pet groomer who will represent your Yorkie to many other pets. Without proper vaccinations, you risk getting your dog sick.

yorkie puppy cut

Types of Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies

Common Yorkie Haircut Styles

There are many adorable cuts for Yorkies. But before choosing a style for your puppy, be sure to consider a few things. First of all, specific amounts work better in certain climates or seasons. Yorkies are a toy breed and, as such, are incredibly sensitive to temperature. The best solution extends the cut in the winter and a short one in the summer.

Next, consider your willingness and tolerance for grooming your Yorkie. Some styles require extensive home care, others practically none. Some cuts are expensive, and others are super cheap. It would help decide whether you want a simple and easy amount to maintain or a real show-stopper and be ready to commit to it.

Here are a Few of our Favourite Yorkie Cuts:

Schnauzer Trim

The Schnauzer trim leaves a bit of length on your Yorkie’s moustache and ears. The back trim is short, and the bottom third of the body is left longer to create a skirt on the sides and a tuft of hair on the chest. This is a more serious and dignified look for your Yorkie.

Teddy Bear Cut

For maximum cuteness and cuddliness, go for a teddy bear cut. As described above, the groomer cuts the entire coat to the same length by hand with scissors, with extra length around the face to give your Yorkie a rounded, adorable look. This is possibly the cutest and most popular cut for Yorkies.

Show Cut

Here we have the most regal and elegant of all Yorkie cuts and the most difficult to maintain. A show cut sports long, silky hair nearly down to the floor and a topknot on the head. If you choose this cut, you will spend many extra hours combing, washing, and growing your pup. Not for the faint of heart!

Summer Cut

During the summer, or if you live in a scorching climate, the best thing for your Yorkie is an excellent short haircut. A “summer cut” is a loose term for any cut that helps to keep your dog cool during the hot months. And because Yorkies are so susceptible to temperature changes, a good summer cut is sure to prevent a lot of discomforts.

yorkie puppy cut

Tips for Working with a Groomer

Getting the right groomer is the first step if you want your Yorkie to get great haircuts and excellent treatment.

Many people like grooming their pets at home, but the services and expertise of a groomer are indispensable. They will do a better job than virtually all amateurs, but they can offer many other benefits that your dog needs, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning.

Not only will your Yorkie have the luxury and safety of a trained professional, but you will save loads of time!

A great starting point is to ask friends and family where they bring their dogs. If this isn’t an option, go online and find highly rated groomers and businesses with plenty of positive customer reviews. Once you find a highly rated groomer, make an appointment, and be sure to show up with plenty of questions. Give your questions, comments, and concerns to your groomer—they expect it. A couple of questions from a concerned dog parent shouldn’t bother them.

Suppose a groomer seems reluctant or annoyed by your questions. You need to build a relationship with your groomer built on communication. After all, you will be leaving your beloved pooch in their hands.

Does your Dog Dislike Brushes?

Many dogs love brushes, but not all do. And unless they got a lot of practice with it as puppies, they may be suspicious when you first introduce them to the brush. With positive, non-threatening interactions, Approaching brushing slowly is more likely to result in a smoother grooming routine. Here’s how to get your dog to accept and perhaps even enjoy brushing.

Before you even set brush to fur, let your pup make friends with the tool. Start by placing the meeting on the ground, throwing high-value treats around and on top of it, and encouraging your dog to investigate the funny new object at their speed.

The simple act of reaching for your dog with the brush can be scary for some dogs. Next, work on reaching out with the brush to touch your dog’s body lightly with the bristles’ edge. Once you reach out with the meeting, immediately follow it with a high-value treat. Be sure to take extra care (and time, if needed) when brushing around the ears, legs, and genitals.

When your dog is comfortable with step 2, move on to brushing the fur. Start lightly, alternating each stroke with a reward. Over time, work your way up to pressing more firmly and touching for several strokes in a row.


There are many great options when it comes time to give your Yorkshire Terrier a haircut. One of the most popular Yorkie cuts is the teddy bear cut, also known as the puppy cut. Your Yorkie looks youthful, soft, fluffy, and all-around adorable.

If you want something a bit flashier, you can go with a Schnauzer cut or a show cut but prepare to put in more time and effort keeping your pup’s hair clean and tangle-free. And for those hot summer months, consider going with a shorter, hassle-free cut like a teddy bear or a kennel cut.

Lastly, always do some research before committing to a new groomer. Find someone that makes you and your Yorkie feel comfortable.

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