Jungkook Cute Photos -Introducing

Jungkook Cute Photos created a massive internet frenzy when he debuted his iconic eyebrow intense. And the same happened when he removed it too. Taking to Instagram, as he presented his lack of low eyebrow bar, fans have been nothing but disappointed. So here’s a gathering of his hottest pictures to remember it by!

We all remember when Jungkook debuted his eyebrow piercing in Butter, leaving us all scratching our heads! Is it real? Fake? Sticker? The entire internet was busy with just one question – whether the BTS singer got his eyebrow pierced or not. The news was accurate, and the golden maknae rocked the look for most of 2021.

But, it seems like it is time for something new. The golden maknae newly took to Instagram to debut his eyebrow – sans the piercing, generating a ripple of anger as fans couldn’t get over the piercing bar not being there anymore.

But not to worry, ARMY! Knowing JK, he sure must have planned a bigger surprise for his new avatar during BTS’ future Permission to Dance on-stage – Seoul shows. While we are so in love with Jungkook’s pierced eyebrow, we sure can’t wait to see what the golden maknae opts for this time.

Why don’t you take a trip down memory lane and refresh your memory of some of Jungkook’s hottest moments that will have you drooling – all with the iconic eyebrow piercing intact. So, without further ado, here are 11 pictures of Jungkook with his piercing on full display that are just too hot to handle.

Here’s How the BTS Members Celebrated Jungkook Cute Photos of Birthday

Jeon Jungkook celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday on September 1, 2021, and BTS members didn’t hesitate to express their love for the maknae.

It all started when Jungkook connected with fans through Reverse and assured them that he would read all the wishes they posted, which he did. Jin took this opportunity and became the first member to wish him by posting ‘Jungkook, Happy Birthday.’ The eldest always wants to be the first to hope for all members, even before the day arrives.

While Jungkook came live to cut the birthday cake with ARMYs and give them a small concert singing many songs like ‘Heartbeat,’ ‘Home,’ ‘Paradise’ and more, member J-Hope joined the singer by crashing the live broadcast. He tightly hugged Jungkook and left the room for a short while, only to bring him an ice-cream cake. J-Hope’s sunshine smile made Jungkook and the ARMYs’ day even more delightful.

Later on, J-Hope also posted heartwarming pictures of Jungkook and himself.

𝗝ungkook Cute  𝗕irthday Photos 𝗣roject

𝗝ungkook Cute  𝗕irthday Photos 𝗣roject

Jungkook Adds This Record to his Never Ending List of Achievements.

Another milestone reached by BTS’ Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook! On August 29, the singer garnered more than 1.5 million followers on his Spotify playlist ‘Jungkook’s Favourite Tracks. Making it the most followed playlist by a Korean individual artist on the platform. Along with becoming the first and only particular K-pop artist to reach the milestone. Jungkook’s playlist also stands as the fourth most followed playlist by a K-pop act on the platform. The top three are ‘This is BTS’ (5.5 Million followers), ‘BTS Party’ (1.9 Million followers), and ‘This is BLACKPINK.’

The playlist consists of twenty-one songs. Including multiple superhits by BTS and songs by other famous artists, including Ariana Grande. Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, Salem Ilese, and more.

Previously, Jungkook’s stage cam for the group’s performance of their record-breaking English single ‘Butter’ at Sirius XM was uploaded by BTS’ official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV’ on July 3 became. The second most viewed fan cam of a Kpop artist in 2021. Only after BTS’ V, by garnering over 10 million views.

Recently, ARMYs were excited to see BTS’ Jungkook’s baby picture in Beyonce’s Virgo season yearbook. Alongside Ava DuVernay, Blake Lively, Billy Porter, Prince Harry, and more. The singer celebrates his birthday on September 1.


Jungkook created massive internet anger when he debuted his iconic eyebrow penetrating. And the same occurred when he decided to remove it too. Taking to Instagram, as he showed off his lack of eyebrow piercing bar, fans have been nothing but disappointed. So here’s a compilation of his hottest pictures to remember it by!

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