What is Meebhoomi? – Introducing

Meebhoomi: Meebhoomi AP Portal is a digital Andhra Pradesh Land Records registry established by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in June 2015. The Meebhoomi AP portal was launched in teamwork with the Section of Revenue and also aimed to offer data on plots openly.

What is Meebhoomi?

Meebhoomi AP is an online operation where information can be accessed, like Mee Bhoomi Adan gal land records, Meebhoomi 1b, village maps, and others. The AP portal currently provides the Andhra Pradesh land records, rental, crop details, water source, soil type, area valuation, nature of possession of the land, and also liabilities.

Benefits of Meebhoomi

To empower landless citizens, the state government of Andhra Pradesh has arranged to distribute over 1500 acres of land to over 1396 families. In addition, the government plans to construct welfare hostels in Khachapuri, Sank Avaram, and Tunic. Particular repair of seven social welfare hostels has also been proposed. In addition, the government announced the need of the hour to digitize and secure endowment land records.

Here are some Advantages of using the Meebhoomi AP online entrance

  • A one-stop workshop for all kinds of land-related inquiries.
  • All Andhra Pradesh residents can access this gateway.
  • Quick navigation feature with all effective service options.
  • SMS alert service for real-time updates.
  • Field management books, village maps, and also Meebhoomi FMB are easily accessible.
  • A well-organized and also well-maintained database

Features of Meebhoomi

Andhra Pradesh government’s AP website has made it possible to quickly access records and documents related to land. Some of the Portal’s key features list below.

  • Access to AP land records is available online.
  • Transparency is provided in the process of receiving handicap records or land papers.
  • The mobile application holds all of the features.
  • Any user from any position in Andhra Pradesh can use it.
  • It allows you to film criticism.

Features of Meebhoomi

Meebhoomi Adan Gal

Meebhoomi Adan gal is a document kept by the village managers, which includes the details of the land area, land type, responsibilities, etc., known as the Adan gal.

How to Link an Aadhaar Card on the Meebhoomi Portal

Follow these steps to link Aadhaar:

Step 1: Visit the authorized website

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Aadhaar/other identities’ section

How to Verify Aadhaar Request Status?

The Meebhoomi portal makes it very simple to check the status of an Aadhaar request. To do so, navigate the Meebhoomi portal, and select the ‘Aadhaar and Other Identities’ tab. Then, select the ‘Aadhaar Request Status’ option from the menu that appears.

How to Link Mobile Numbers to AP Land Record?

Currently, the portal has discontinued the feature of mobile numbers linking to AP land records.

How to Obtain Meebhoomi Passbook in Andhra Pradesh

Follow these steps to view the passbook:

Step 1: Go to the certified website

Step 2: In the menu bar, select Passbook

How to Check Village Map on Meebhoomi?

On the Meebhoomi AP website, you can also view the Village map online. You can follow the simple procedure below to check your village map. You will be sent to the following page. Select the District, Zone, and Village and Click the submit button. The village map will be visible online.

How to Check Village Map on Meebhoomi?

Previously for getting land records, the citizens require to visit government offices. Now through the Meebhoomi portal, the citizens of Andhra Pradesh can get their land records sitting at home. This will save a lot of time and also money and also this procedure will bring transparency to the systems. These land records are designed and also develop by the concerned authorities. The citizens of Andhra Pradesh can also submit these documents as proof if they are taking any loans.

How to Check Land Conversion Details on Meebhoomi AP?

You can follow simple steps to check your land conversion details on the Meebhoomi AP website. First, on the official website of AP, click on the Land Conversion Details Tab. A field extent book is a collection of map stores in an area office. It uses for recording the obtainability of land borders, and also package size. Usually, these hand drawings and also not for measuring.

You can follow the following steps to reach Meebhoomi FMB and see land parcels available. After selecting the survey number from the menu, Enter the Captcha Code. The results will appear on the screen when you press the ‘Submit’ button.

Visit the official Meebhoomi website. The section will make the necessary changes within 15 days. To seek a revision to your land accounts, go to the certified website and also follow the orders.


As you all know, all the State Governments have started the digitalization process. For this purpose, the Direction of Andhra Pradesh has launched the meebhoomi.ap.gov.in Portal. Through this article, we successfully give you complete information regarding this Portal, like what is Portal, its objective, benefits, features, the procedure to search JAMA bandi, land records, etc. So if you are attentive to every detail regarding the portal, you are requesting to read this article very sensibly until the end.