Who Won Jarvis or Michael – Introducing

Who won Jarvis or Michael ended things in round 2 with a destructive right hook that landed cleanly on Le’s chin. That was it, as the fight ended directly. Le situates out cold, but he doesn’t think about getting to his feet. He honestly looked like he didn’t see pardon hit him.

Jarvis has nearly 5 million YouTube subscribers, so it didn’t take extended for his KO of Le to go viral. Instead, it went traditional to number one on Twitter’s trending list. The platform battel consists of a brutal knockout by the YouTubes faze Jarvis from his right hand. On the other side, this is the selected Michael Ley of Tik Tok on Saturday. In the viral video, you will see a Slo-Mo return back of Jarvis’s at the ending shot, which almost knocks the other boxer out of the ring.

Jarvis Khattri, better known as FaZe Jarvis, is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and member of the FaZe clan. After shooting to fame on social media for his Fortnite videos, he began to diversify into reaction content. On the other hand, they shot to fame on social media after posting videos on TikTok, then known as Musical.ly. He is currently one of the platform’s most popular users.

Jarvis vs. Michael: The one-shot pump

Given everything, Michael Le held his own for a while, but soon enough, Jarvis got sweaty and brought the heat. During round two, Michael Le full-throttled and tried a body grab. However, it was met with excellent defence and a right swing counter by Jarvis, which saw the end of the match.

Twitter erupted in celebration following the big win, which sent fans into a meme frenzy. However, unlike other boxers at the event, Fortnite Tweets’ were funnier than usual due to his history.

faze jarvis boxing

FaZe Jarvis Challenges Dubai’s Richest Influencer Moneykicks For A Boxing Match

The influencer boxing trend has been an option up drive throughout 2021.

From the Battle of Platforms event in early 2021, YouTubers pitted in contradiction of TikTokers in the fighting ring to the most marketing Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley fight, the world of influencer fighting flattened up this year.

FaZe Jarvis Calls Out Moneykicks

We also saw Dubai’s most prosperous influencer Rashed Belhasa aka Moneykicks, make his entrance as a boxer. He fought and won contrary to Anas ElShayib in the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai.

And supposition what? It appears like Moneykicks has a new challenge to live up to now. The Dubai influencer and YouTube challenge by former FaZe Clan member Jarvis for a boxing match.

FaZe Jarvis had a boxing competition against Michael Le in June 2021 and won the fight. When asked who is next on his hit list, he said, ‘definitely, it’s gonna be Moneykicks.’

Rashed Belhasa Aka Moneykicks Responds

Money kicks have responded to FaZe Jarvis calling him out publicly. He took to Instagram and said, ‘Let’s Do It.’ Rashed Belhasa has also shown an official tweet responding to FaZe Jarvis’ challenge.

‘I am ready when you are a kid. I’ll knock you out in front of your home or here in Dubai with your faze friends and family. But, then, call us when you’re serious and ready to go.’

When is Brock Jarvis Fighting?

The fight appears on the undercard for a current unified lightweight world champion. Jarvis’ opponent is yet confirmed. It’s speculated that a rematch with Frias could be in the works, though there has been no confirmation.

faze jarvis boxing

Who FaZe Jarvis or Michael?

FaZe Jarvis had the only true knockout of the night in his win against Michael Le. The final numbers were YouTube winning five fights, TikTok winning one, and the majority draw. Tanner Fox and Ryland Storms were initially scheduled to fight each other, but the fight was called off beforehand.

Is FaZe Jarvis on Fortnite?

FaZe Jarvis has not stationary trying to play Fortnite though flowing despite his failed efforts. It is a reasonable sentimentality coming from an ex-professional player who wants to play the game. However, FaZe Jarvis might not get to watercourse Fortnite live for the rest of 2021 after his current stunt

Why did Jarvis get Banned from Fortnite?

FaZe Jarvis Barr from Epic Games in September 2019 after creating a new explanation on the platform to show his spectators a gameplay video using the Aimbot hack to win games. The video, which uploads on his official YouTube channel, led to suspension as it went against the game’s anti-cheat policy. However, the video had also garnered a massive response from the online gaming community. As a result, the gameplay video was soon taken down from the video-sharing platform. However, it has since emerged on several other channels.

For those oblivious, Aimbot is one of the tools used by many Fortnite players to shoot at their opponents without having to aim their guns accurately. Instead, the program uses a player’s system to receive data about all other users on the platform. It essentially allows a player to mechanically aim and shoot at the competitors even if the opponent targets them from the player’s location.


Money kicks are not the most minor hesitant to get in the boxing ring with FaZe Jarvis and continue his boxing win streak. The YouTuber rose to recognition with his luxurious lifestyle and sports car group and eventually started his own YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers today.

FaZe Jarvis scored an unexpected knockout victory over TikToker Michael Le in the second round of their bout, and many surprises by the 18-year-old’s clean KO. Jarvis scored the 3rd win of the night for team YouTube.

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