What Are The Benefits Of Having A Credit Card As A Merchant Account Holder?

If you’re a small Kratom business owner, you would know the ups and downs in the business.

In the midst of both, you must constantly try to find ways to expand your business to make it more inclusive. Kratom credit card processing is perfect to increase your customer base. Allowing credit card transactions can take your business to the next level in the Kratom market.

While there is an immensely positive response from customers, there is also an apprehension from experts and non-users.

Credit Card Merchant Account

What Is a Credit Card Merchant Account?

 While cash and cheques are direct and quick, credit card transactions are slightly more complicated.

While paying with credit cards, there is a high risk of fraud, improper processing, or even chargebacks. It makes credit card transactions too difficult for the owner to handle. It is where merchant accounts come in to provide their services to the owners at reasonable prices.

The merchant account provider will help you with smooth credit card transactions. They can also identify, verify and process the transactions in the blink of an eye. Plus, they will help in case of chargebacks and have your back on credit card payments.

Merits of High-Risk Merchant Accounts

High-risk merchant accounts might seem like an unnecessary step to some owners. After all, you would have to pay for the services initially and set up your business details. However, this small investment will only create a path for your business to boom.

Accepting credit cards is a milestone that might sound lackluster, but it is essential for your business. So let us look at some of the most known benefits of high-risk credit card processing for your Kratom business:

Hike in Sales

Many customer surveys throughout the country observed users’ payment habits and preferences. The data from most indicates how many people prefer card payments over cash and cheque.

Especially when you can make payments from the comfort of your home, why would you do it any other way? Hence, merchant accounts significantly increase sales due to their inclusion and convenience.

Quick and Efficient Transactions

Credit card payments through a merchant account take 4-5 steps to get approved. The merchant first seeks approval from the sender’s bank, requests the required amount, processes it, and sends it to the business’s account.

It seems like a lengthy process- but it is shorter than you may think. Well, the process surprisingly takes hardly a few seconds at most. It helps the customer make the payment quickly and does not have to wait long.

Relatively Affordable Services

High-risk merchant accounts seem like they would cost a fortune, but they are surprisingly reasonable. With so much competition in the credit card processing market, most companies have ideal rates.

Their per payment percentage and base fee are affordable even for small businesses. Plus, if you calculate the improvement in sales and profit you earn, the base cost is practically nothing much.

Lower Risk of Bounced Checks

When you receive a cheque from a customer, the cheque sometimes bounces. In such a situation, it takes a lot of effort and time to process another payment that succeeds. Plus, cheques take unnecessary time while credit transactions reflect in your account within the day at most.

Hence, introducing credit card payments can help reduce the risks of bounced cheques and frauds in your business. It also shortens the time it takes for the money to come into your bank account.

Effortless Money Management

With credit card transactions, monitoring your sales and money flow becomes simpler. Since your service provider and you can keep track of the payments. It can help you improve sales monitoring and bring accurate business sales figures.

Of course, you can do it without credit card payment, but the process consumes more time and effort from your side. Hence high-risk accounts help you save precious resources and improve management efficiency.

Wider Inclusion of Customers

Online Kratom stores are taking the lead in the market due to their efficiency and ease of access. An online business must accept contactless payments like cards for users’ convenience.

You can attract more users for your Kratom products by including card payments. Such inclusion can further encourage the potential users to give Kratom a shot and use it if they find it helpful.

Increased Trustworthiness Among Users

It might sound far fetched, but allowing credit card transactions makes your business trustworthy. By accepting cards, users believe that your business is legitimate and not deceptive. It may show that your business is inclusive and verified with quality products.

It builds a sense of faith in them when they see the option of credit cards and people using them. It somehow boosts the trustworthiness of your business and the products you sell. For a field like Kratom, such trustworthiness can make all the difference and significantly improve sales.

Why Does Your Kratom Business Need a High-Risk Account?

As a Kratom business owner, you would wonder why you need a merchant account, a high-risk one. You may already know that the public and experts’ opinions of Kratom are not all positive. Many states still don’t allow Kratom use and the ones that regulate it.

Due to the legally sensitive and volatile nature of Kratom, Kratom businesses need a high-risk account. High-risk accounts specifically cater to startups with the risk of chargebacks, fraud, or losses.

You could very well run your business without credit card transactions, but it would limit your customers considerably. Hence, spending a small sum on a high-risk merchant account can translate into better future sales.


In the ever-developing era, businesses must keep up with varying options to keep their sales at a peak. Cheques and cash have become surprisingly unused in a time when most people use cards and online payment methods.

A high-risk merchant account can help you set up your business to process credit card payments. So if you are a Kratom business owner, you may consider accepting credit cards to improve sales.