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Computer-Generated Write for Us s the examples has been automatically selected from a section so of our corpus. We use this multi-billion word collection of texts to research language usage and also change over time. The canon is a rich source of words in action from various genres but allows us to base our dictionaries on language as it is used. For example, evidence from the corpus shown by Contact us         

Charles Babbage KH FRS was an English polymath. Babbage originated the concept of the digital programmable computer as a mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and also mechanical engineer. Some consider Babbage to be the “father of the computer.”

Nowadays, the word kith rarely appears by itself; so practically all modern citations in the corpus come from the phrase kith and kin. Usage of the words Brexit, vape, hygge, and also selfie have all increased dramatically over the past few years

How we use wireless has changed – in the past, we listened to it, but now it’s most commonly used alongside words like broadband, internet, and Bluetooth.

Although the corpus examples were extracted using an algorithm and also have not been editorially reviewed, so we hope you find the extra context a helpful addition to the main dictionary entry.

All examples were retrieved in 2015. We acknowledge that the Wikipedia content may vary or update from time to time. If you discover any source that does not appear up to date, please notify us, and also we will address it accordingly.

Machine languages use to instruct the computer. Magnetic core memory was primary memory: electrostatic tubes, Parer tape, punch card, and also magnetic tape. A punched card and also printing device uses for input/output operations to store the result.

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