What Are Computer Networks? – Types, And More

What Are Computer Networks?

Computer networks refer to connected computing plans (such as laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, and tablets) and a growing variety of IoT devices (such as cameras, door locks, doorbells, refrigerators, audiovisual systems, thermostats, etc.) and various sensors) that communicate with each other communicate.

How Does A Computer Network Work?

Specialized devices such as switches, routers and admittance points form the basis of computer networks.

Switches connect internally and help secure computers, printers, servers, and also, other devices on a home or business network. Access points are switches that wirelessly connect devices to networks.

Routers connect networks to different networks and act as splitters. They analyze the data to be sent over a network, choose the best routes, and also, send it on its way. Routers attach your home and business to the world and help defend information from outside security threats.

Although switches and routers differ in many ways, one of the main differences is identifying end devices. A Layer 2 switch uniquely classifies a device based on its “burned-in” MAC address. A Layer 3 router uniquely classifies a device’s network connection with a network-assigned IP address.

Most switches today include some level of routing functionality.

MAC and IP address uniquely define devices or network connections in a network. A MAC address remains a number assigned to a device manufacturer’s network interface card (NIC). An IP address is a number allot to a network linking.

How Are Computer Networks Changing?

Modern networks offer more than connectivity. Organizations are embarking on digital transformation. Your networks are essential to this transformation and your success. The types of network architectures evolving to meet these needs are:

Software Defined (Sdn):

In response to the new requirements of the “digital” age, network architecture is becoming more and more programmable, automated and also, open. In software-define networks, traffic routing is controlled centrally by software mechanisms. It  helps the network respond quickly to changing conditions.


Building on the principles of SDN, Intent-Based Networking (IBN) not only introduces agility but also configures a network to achieve desired goals by essentially automating operations, analyzing its performance, identifying problem areas, providing comprehensive safety and integrating with business procedures.


The underlying physical network infrastructure can remain partitioned to create multiple “overlay” networks. These logical networks can be tuned to see specific security, quality of service (QoS) and other requirements.

Controller-based: Network controllers are essential for scaling and securing networks. Controllers automate network functions by translating business intent into device configurations and also, continuously monitoring devices to ensure performance and security. As a result, controllers simplify operations and help organizations meet changing business needs.

Multi-Domain Integrations: Large enterprises can create separate networks, also called network domains, for their offices, WANs, and data centres. These networks communicate with each other via their controllers. These cross-network or cross-domain integrations typically involve sharing relevant operating parameters to ensure desired business outcomes are achieve across network domains.

Types Of Computer Networks

Local Area Network (Lan)

A LAN gathers connected devices in one physical location, e.g. B. at home or office. A LAN can be small or big, from a home network with one user to an extensive corporate network with thousands of users and devices. In addition, a LAN can include both wired and wireless devices.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A WAN covers a large geographical part and also, connects individual users or multiple LANs. The Internet can be view as a WAN. The big organizations.

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