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A gadget writes for us is a device that has a specific purpose and function, generally of small proportions, practical, and at the same time novel. In addition, widgets usually have a more ingenious design than current technology.

Many technological plans of small size can be considered gadgets, so such as mobile phones, remote panels, iPods, PDAs, calculators, watches, etc.

Google also has its sidebar with many (virtual) gadgets that can be used with the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac and also GNU Linux operating systems. The pen (pencil holder), the spanner, the comb and also the fork, among many others and also fit within the less technological definition.

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The laptop is the work tool of millions of people. It prepares not substance if you are a freelancer, but a manager of a medium-sized company, or an employee. We all want the laptop not to leave but us lying. However, running out of battery in the middle of a task or video call is common. We do not have a plug nearby on many occasions, or we have left the charger somewhere else.

When this changes, it is essential to know how to manage the laptop’s power so that the battery can last much longer. The initial estimate may be three, four, or seven hours, but stretching the autonomy is possible as long as we sacrifice some technical aspects and also know how to play with elements such as brightness or the management of open applications in multitasking.

When we buy a laptop, we can see the estimated battery life data. But as the OCU recalls, these data given by the manufacturers are taken under specific conditions of use (level of brightness of the screen, type of software and also tasks they perform …) that allow them to stretch the autonomy to the maximum. For this reason, some reliability surveys reveal that up to 32% of those consulted are not satisfied with their laptop’s battery life.

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