Google Pixel 7 First Info Price And Release Date – PIXEL 7. Although the Google Pixel 7 is not yet official, information is already leaking out. Discover the first rumors on the characteristics, the price, and the release date of the future Google Pixel 7.

After the record sales of its latest device, Google intends to repeat the operation with a Google Pixel 7 to come this year. If the next smartphone from the firm should not be unveiled before the end of 2022, several leaks are already escaping the web. It is thus already possible to project on the upcoming novelties of the Google Pixel 7. Its potential price, and its estimate release date.

What going to be the features of the Google Pixel 7?

No official info is yet available on the future Google Pixel 7. However. The latter seems to be already leaking on the net since several specialized leakers already have data relating to the firm’s next smartphone! The Google Pixel 7 would be equipper with a next-generation Google Tensor chip. As a reminder, the firm had created a surprise by providing its Pixel 6 with its first in-house processor. It was a generally successful bet since the Pixel 6 was a monster in managing its photo algorithm and excellent for games.

Google Pixel 6 review: one of the best smartphones of the year

Tech giant Google continues its scaling in the world of smartphones. After a correct Pixel 4. Which took a little risk, the Google Pixel 6 seems to want to stand out with its atypical design. Our opinion.

(compared to 6.4 inches for the Pixel 6). The leak specialist On Leaks has notably unveiled some first renders of the Pixel 7. Therefore. There is no doubt that Google will bet once again on the photo for its future Pixel 7. The manufacturer has already made a solid reputation in the field for several years by betting on an excellent image processing algorithm.

The design of the Google Pixel 7 should not experience too many upheavals. The other novelty to come for the latter would come from its screen. Several leaks report a slightly narrower slab compared to its predecessor. The Pixel 7 would thus be equipper with a 6.3-inch screen

What going to be the features of the Google Pixel 7 Pro?

We’ve been talking a lot about the singular since the start of this article, but we should still have not one but two Pixel 7s! In all likelihood, the Google Pixel 7 Pro would be unveile simultaneously as its little brother. However. little information is currently available about it.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro size should not change from its predecessor. Thus, the most successful version of the range would still benefit from a 6.7-inch panel.

What is the price of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro?

Given the few improvements made to these new models. It would be logical for the firm to stick to the prices of the previous models. Pending official information. We prefer to give you the fees charged for the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, which should approach the prices offered for their successors.

  • Google Pixel 7: from 649 euros.
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro: from 899 euros.
  • Smartphone Google Pixel 6 (128 Go)

NINE from €599.00