The notions of architecture, economy, and computer science and part of everything that must be studied to be an interior designer. 

You have many alternatives to train yourself in-depth, but here we will tell you about the ones that hold the most significant interest. Go ahead!

Interior Designer: What To Study To Find a Job Of Interior Designer

Close to 80% of the homes in Spain are more than two decades old and need or will need reform sooner rather than later. It was especially noticeable in 2021 when interest in these performances escalated. 

A trend that in 2022 continues to rise and with optimistic estimates. 

The most demanded professionals in this promotion have specific Training that supports their skills. Keep in mind that your field of activity is vast, so knowledge is essential:

In the exercise of your profession, you will likely be hired to carry out projects in a home, but also in a hotel, at the headquarters of a company or in a food establishment. 

Acquiring the proper knowledge is essential to take advantage of the boom in interior design

So, what do you have to study to be an interior designer and carry out these assignments successfully? Well, it depends on the path you want to follow. We detail them for you.

High School And University: Interior Designer

You can direct your steps from the same institute, opting for a Bachelor of Arts in which you will have the first contact with the image, colour and other valuable aspects of your career. You can also opt for a university degree, such as the Degree in Interior Design or the Double Degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design, which will prepare you for four years to face your position’s responsibilities. 

Masters And Postgraduates: Interior Designer

Interior Designer: In the same way, there are specialized master’s degrees and postgraduate courses, some programs are more focused on connecting you with the labour market. The possibilities are many in this field, although they require investing a significant amount of time. However, if you do not have that much, nothing is lost. The following section tells you what your course should be if you want to access the labour market more quickly.

Discover the syllabus of the Course in Interior Design

Technical Training To Be An Interior Designer

You have to study to be an interior designer, but not by following the longest path; the results will be more effective. 

If you are looking for quick and valuable learning to enter the job market. Technical Training will provide you with what you need.

These programs tend to offer their lessons in a more flexible way than a university course, but without sacrificing the quality of their syllabus and the experience of their teaching staff. It would help you to compare the different options well before deciding on one. You 

For All Age Profiles

Although there are exceptions, university students usually have a certain age. 

Technical Training has a much greater range in this regard and allows you to discover new opportunities at any time in your life. 


The financial investment is lower because it involves fewer trips, and the centre does not have to pay for the maintenance of the facilities.


Technical Training adapts quickly to changes in the sector, so it changes with your needs and responds better. 

This means that your efforts will be more profitable: you will learn. What you need for day-to-day work and, consequently, you will be an attractive candidate for clients and companies.

Connected To The Market

If you choose it well, a course can easily take you from theory to the world of work. 

Take Advantage of the Rise with CEAC

Decoration, the efficient use of spaces and reforms can be part of your future work. You have to choose a good training centre that teaches you everything you need to study to be an interior designer.

And that does it in a rigorous, up-to-date way, in tune with consumer demands.