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How To Create Stock Photos That Sell

Researching the most popular photo online is also a great way to understand ​​what’s selling. For example, Shutterstock ranks its most famous images by the number of downloads. Similarly, Unsplash, the free stock photography platform, offers sample photos from its most popular photographers.

These sample photos include landscapes, portraits, product photography, and more. Regardless of your artistic style or background, it’s essential to watch the competition if you want your work to appear on popular stock photo listings around the web.

If you’re looking for more inspirational stock photo examples, Format’s portfolio builder includes hundreds of templates designed by stock photography gurus to help you get creative.

People In An Authentic Environment

Staging High-Quality Stock Photos Is Difficult!

Start by observing people in natural settings like a party or a coffee shop. Plan your moment by watching people interact with each other and objects like your phone or a drink.

You can take candid photos or set up a similar scene with models. Unless people’s faces are obscured or cropped, you need a model release form to sell your photos.

Allow spontaneity when working with models to make photos and interactions more natural. For example, imagine you are with friends and family or at a socially acceptable place like a parade or an outdoor space. Assuming all model releases are signed, candid photos canister work.


The most rifled keywords for stock photos are too difficult to compete with. Please think of the themes that businesses will struggle to find unique stock images on, whether a disease or an under-explored travel destination.

Please do your research to see which stock photography sites are missing and plan shots around them.


Emerging technologies like commercial drones, virtual reality and cryptocurrencies will have far fewer opportunities for stock photos than themes like love or spring, which have existed since the dawn of man. Of course, new technology is often a product, but there is also a broader picture of its impact.

Real Events

Attending a business conference or Halloween parade is an excellent method to detention authentic energy. Event photography requires a shot tilt and a candid and staged shots blend. Your photos will immediately stand out if you use people in unusual costumes or bright and stylish outfits.

The Season

When it comes to selling stock photos, spring occasions, especially those less popular in your area, are in high demand. However, even when stock photography is busy at certain times of the year, like Thanksgiving or summer, you can still find a niche.

Look for moving moments in your artwork, such as B. a surprise for the children on Christmas morning. Being close to people helps. As the seasons change, think about outdoor lighting effects on your shot.

Discover Photo Agencies

Every stock photography website has a different system. Some are better known but take more of your salary, while others give you more freedom but don’t have as many clients. You can check out some of the most common stock photo sites here.

After choosing your platform(s) and uploading your stock photos for sale, you need to create tags and explanations so people can find your photos. In addition, you should describe your image accurately, including details such as the location or the emotions it depicts, depending on the subject. Here are some additional tips to advance your metadata.

Use These Stock Photos To Attract Clients To Your Online Portfolio

A stock photo makes money. A great stock photo earns you double the money:

once during the initial sale and when people are inspired by your stock photography skills to see your other work and book you for various photo jobs. Producing stock photography is a smart way to make a name for yourself.

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