Motorcycle Mechanic 2022 – Introducing

A Motorcycle Mechanic 2022 is the National Association of Companies in the Two-Wheel Sector (Anesdor) is clear. The popularity of these vehicles is increasing

If you love motorcycles, working on them every day could be a dream job. Being able to fix bikes and thrill your customers can be a rewarding experience. Plus, you get to check out sleek vintage and new models you might even want to get for yourself someday.

As with any career, there are many factors to consider when thinking about becoming a motorcycle technician, also known as a motorcycle mechanic.1 These include industry demand, job outlook and salary, to name a few. Considering these things upfront can help you feel confident in your decision to train for a career in the field!

How Much Do Motorcycle Mechanics Make?

According to the U.S. Office of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median salary for motorcycle mechanics in May 2021 was $38,170.30. This means half of the motorcycle technicians earned more and half earned less. Remember that salary depends on several factors, including experience, employer, demand, and cost of living in the area.

If you’re wondering how motorcycle mechanic salaries vary, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to know what motorcycle mechanics are earning so you can plan your next career move. Their volume is expected to reach 180,100 vehicles by 2022. More repairs and revisions will be necessary to keep them up to date, directly affecting their specialists. It’s a great time to become one and build your career path, but do you know how to be a motorcycle mechanic? Find out in this article.

How to be a Motorcycle Mechanic 2022: The Importance of Training

To delve into the guts of motor vehicles, it is necessary to know them deeply. For this goal.

The first thing you should do if you wonder how to be a motorcycle mechanic is to seek adequate training, with which you are qualified to perform the functions of your profession. In a center, you will learn to carry out the revisions correctly, put the spare parts they need, and guarantee that their brakes, transmissions, and damping work. The safety of users will depend on your skill, so workshops and customers look for specialists with a good base.

Keys to Choosing Your Study Plan by Motorcycle Mechanic

A specialization course can help if you know how to choose it. We recommend that you choose one that includes the different types of motorcycles and that it reviews each of its elements so that you can detect and solve any fault.

It would help if you also looked at the possibility of obtaining a certificate. A severe and quality program will give you a diploma after passing its modules, and if, in addition to its own, it includes that of other well-known entities, it will mean that an external gaze backs it.

With these accreditations, you will build a more attractive resume and greatly enhance your chances of finding a job. It will be calmer for you to get a job if you add experience to your knowledge, so make sure that your center incorporates internships as part of its learning method. Choose a center with an updated study plan, and that certifies you with a diploma of improvement

An additional feature that you should consider is the teaching quality. With experienced teachers and an expert behind the theoretical blocks, you will clear your path to the job market. The syllabus of the Technical Course in Motorcycle Mecha.

Practical Tips to be a Motorcycle Mechanic 2022

Training is a fundamental pillar to building your career in the two-wheeled vehicle sector, but it is not the only one. You can complement what you learn in a center with your extracurricular effort and thus expand your knowledge.

Here are some ways to get it comfortably. Apply these ideas or methods, and you will have a much more interesting professional sheet.

Find out

One way to increase your learning is to consult mechanics books, reference magazines in the sector such as Cesvimap, thematic forums, and specialist videos. There are countless resources at your disposal, accessible and adapted to your level of knowledge on the Internet.

Practice with your motorcycle mechanic 2022

If you are interested in the world of two wheels, it is expected that you already have a motorcycle. Please take advantage of this circumstance and spend time knowing its structure and giving it the care it needs, or get hold of an old vehicle and disassemble it to rebuild it.

At this point, it will be authoritative that you review your owner’s manual. This book is designed for the general public, so it offers you a multitude of valuable and affordable information about what will be your work tool.

Research and acquire tools

Being a motorcycle mechanic has a significant practical component, so your toolbox will have a lot of weight in your day to day life. Knowing what each one does and how its handled will give you an advantage in your learning, and it is a field in which you can advance yourself.

Check the catalogs of specialized stores and take advantage of the offers to buy the material. If you inform yourself about each new acquisition you make, you will end up having profound notions and, in addition, you will have prepared part of the instruments that you will need when you get a job.

What are the Requirements to become a Motorcycle mechanic?

We have seen how to be a motorcycle mechanic, but not the profile you must have for the profession. In addition to experience and formal knowledge, you should have the following skills.

communication skills

A motorcycle mechanic doesn’t just have to understand a vehicle. He must also understand his clients and be open and transparent in his meetings. When it comes to talking about what a motorcycle needs, the budget, or getting a spare part, it will come in handy to be clever with words.


If you want to work in a workshop, you must be methodical. Above all, because, as we have already seen, the physical integrity of your clientele will depend on how serious you have been in carrying out your duties. The ideal profile is that of a committed, dedicated, and concerned about complying with all safety recommendations.


Whether it’s completing a repair or finding the source of a problem, you’ll need perseverance. It will be vital that you do not lose your nerve and dedicate the time required to each step always to achieve the best results.

Mathematical skills

You’re mistaken if you think this has nothing to do with being a motorcycle mechanic. Mathematical operations will be present in your day regularly. For example, to negotiate with suppliers or to haggle with customers over the price of a service.

Enter the Job Market

In 2022, there will be an estimated 18,800 mopeds, 3,9000 trikes, and 8,4000 quads. Both light vehicles and motorcycles will increase their sales by 9.2%, so if you train, you will be able to find a job comfortably.

At CEAC, we have been helping professionals enter the labor market for more than 75 years. With the Motorcycle Mechanics Course from our catalog, you will have access to a flexible study plan created by specialists to become one. Find out!