Permission Denied Publickey Gssapi Keyex with Mic Password

Permission Denied Publickey Gssapi Keyex with Mic Password

Permission Denied Publickey Gssapi Keyex Gssapi with Mic Password: The SSH Permission denied error appears after permission-related settings are changed on the SSH server. Typical situations include a new package installation or the making of new users. Are you having difficulties accessing a remote server over SSH? If SSH replies with a “Connection refused” message, you may need to modify the request or check the setup.

The faulty SSH public key. The file permissions within the working system are incorrect on the instance. “Permission denied (public key)” and “Authentication failed, permission denied” errors occur when: You’re trying to connect using the wrong user name for your AMI.

What is Causing SSH Permission Denied Publickey, Gssapi-keys, Gssapi-with-Mic

The Permission denied the statement, and the bracket contains the struggled authentication methods that failed at the initiation of the assembly. The error proposes that the public key is the issue, which is misleading.

This file covers the list of public keys for the clients allowable to SSH into the server. One motive for the error may be sshd_config, the file that covers SSH server configuration. The other opportunity is that the authorized_keys file has insufficient permissions. So, the system’s inability to read from the file results in the Permission denied error.

How to Fix Gssapi Permission Denied Keyex

Both solutions contain steps you need to do on the server side. Start by opening the deadly on your server and advance with one of the results under.

Solution 1: Enable Password Authentication

If you need to use a password to admission the SSH server, a key for fixing the Permission denied error is to allow password login in the sshd_config file.

To do this, expose the file in a script editor.  This instance uses the nano editor:

  • In the file, invent the PasswordAuthentication line and ensure it tops with yes.
  • Find the ChallengeResponseAuthentication choice and disable it by addition no.
  • If positions are observed out, remove the hash sign # to uncomment them.

Change File System Permissions

Using the password-based login as the SSH verification method is not suggested due to security fears. Therefore, the following solution may be better since it troubleshoots the community critical confirmation way.

Permission Denied Publickey Gssapi Keyex with Mic Password

Original, open the sshd_config file using a script publishing supervisor:

If you tail/var/log/auth.log on the server and also login again, you should see the reason for the failure get logged. If not, kick up the phrasing in the SSH daemon config file to DEBUG and also retry again. Often it’s related to file permissions. This works fine for the root account, but if I create a secondary account via user add, the only way I can get into the account is via su if I try to log in with ssh using the same key file.

Why Is the Connection Refused When I SSH?

You might get the “Assembly refused” error when trying to SSH into your server for many reasons. To solve this problem, you first need to identify why the system declined your assembly via SSH.

Below you will find some of the most excellent joint reasons that may cause an SSH assembly rejection.

SSH Client Not Connected

Before troubleshooting other subjects, the first step is to check whether you have SSH adequately installed. The machine you access the server from should have the SSH client set up. Without the correct client setup, and also you cannot remote into a server.

To can check if you have the SSH client on your structure, and also type the following in the terminal window:

If the terminal offers a list of ssh command options, the SSH client installs on the system. However, if it responds with the facility not found, so you need to install the OpenSSH Customer.

Solution: Install SSH Client Permission Denied Publickey Gssapi Keyex with Mic Password

To install the SSH Client on your appliance, open the deadly and also run one of the commands registered under. Just like you need the client type of SSH to access a remote server, you need the attendant version to listen for and also accept networks. Therefore, a server may refuse an incoming assembly if the SSH server is absent or the setup is not valid.

Run the knowledge to check whether SSH is obtainable on the remote server.

Install SSH Client Permission Denied Publickey Gssapi Keyex with Mic Password

Necessary: Install SSH on Distant Attendant

To fix the issue of a missing SSH attendant, and also refer to how to install the OpenSSH server.

Credentials are Wrong

  • Typos or improper identifications are common reasons for a refused SSH assembly. Make it indisputable you are not mistyping the username or password.
  • Then, check whether you are intense the correct IP address of the server.
  • Finally, verify you have the correct SSH port open.


They covered the steps necessary to troubleshoot the SSH Permission denied public key, gssapi-keyex, and gssapi-with-mic error. By effecting the steps in the guide, you should fix the error and successfully SSH into your server.

This article listed some of the most joint motives for the SSH “Joining refused” error. To troubleshoot the issue, go to the list and ensure all the locations arrange correctly.

The other common issue you may stumble upon is SSH Fail Permission Denied. Learn the cause of this error and how to fix it in our article on How To Fix SSH Failed Permission Denied.