SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” in English. SEO includes the practice of controlling your web pages to status them well in the search results of Google and other search engines. Thereby, people are more inclined to find your site when they search for it through the internet. SEO is the process of raising rankings in organic search results, the same as unpaid (also known as free) ones. If you have a website and want to get more traffic, there is no doubt: SEO is a marketing tool which you should use.

Basics Of SEO

The pandemic has forced many businesses to focus on their online presence. But long before that, we saw a steady increase in everything that moved online. So maybe you’re looking to jump in and have decided to create a website for your business quickly. Or you have decided to revitalize your existing website. Great! Now that? One of the ways to attract (and keep) people to your website is SEO. You’ve probably come across this term before. But what does that mean? This article explains what SEO is and how to get started!

Google Algorithm

Google’s algorithm determines the ranking of each result. And while parts of Google’s algorithm remain secret, years of SEO experience have given us insights into crucial ranking factors. buy backlinks These ranking factors fall into two categories:

On page SEO Factors

The ranking of your pages is determined in part by factors on the page. Onpage SEO factors are all elements of your website that you have direct control over. These factors contain technical aspects (e.g. the quality of your code and page speed) and content aspects, such as B. the structure of your website or the quality of the text on your website. These are all crucial on-page SEO factors to work on.

Off-Page Seo Factors

Aside from on-page SEO factors, your ranking is also determined by some off-page SEO factors. These factors include links from other websites, attention on social media and other marketing activities outside of your website. While not impossible, these off-page  factors can be harder to influence. The most critical off-page factors are the quantity and quality of links pointing to your site. The more quality and relevant websites link to your website, the higher your position on Google.

Holistic SEO

At Yoast, we practice “Holistic SEO”. With holistic SEO, your main goal is to create and maintain the best possible website. Because Google wants to give its users the best results for their search query, and the best results are those that have great content but are also easy to use, fast, and easily accessible.

If you rebuild your pages and enhance your website, you will also increase it opportunities of ranking. My goal here is not to figure out how to cheat Google, but to make sure that the methods to expend your time and energy would be constructive and long term.

To maintain a good ranking on Google, you need to develop a holistic approach. Ranking well on search engines like Google requires a comprehensive it strategy that focuses on all aspects of your website and its advertising. The technical side, the user experience (UX), the content of your website – everything has to be top-notch.

How Can We Help You Get Started?

At Yoast, our task is to make accessible to everyone. That’s why we have plugins that can help you, like our popular  plugin Yoast. We have a free and a premium version of this plugin. One of the main benefits is that it helps you create top-notch content. Our free SEO and readability analysis gives you detailed proposals for creating copy people and search engines love!

Our premium plugin will help you take it to the next level, optimize your content for synonyms and related keywords, and improve your page structure with our internal linking suggestions. You also have access to all of our SEO courses.

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