How To know If I like Robotics:

When we were children, we have lived with the idea of dedicating yourself to robotics and  future full of robots that would improve our lives, but the reality shows it has been in recent years that robotics, in all its aspects, to Dedicate Yourself To Robotics has had a vital development impulse.

You Need To Learn to Dedicate Yourself To Robotics So much so that it can be pretty attractive to professionalize within this area since the professional perspectives that open up are exciting to  Learn to Dedicate Yourself To Robotics. Hence, if you are interested, do not hesitate To Learn to Dedicate Yourself To Robotics

What Does It Mean To Make Robots?

Generalizing the  concept is a mistake since it comprises various branches, some more developed than others.

In robotics, we must talk about different branches. , the following are identified:

  • Industrial robotics:

The part of robotics focuses on building machines capable of executing mechanical and repetitive tasks efficiently  with reduced costs.

  • Humanoid Robots:

It is the part of robotics dedicated to developing robotic systems to imitate certain peculiarities of human beings.

  • Intelligent Robotics:

Similar to the previous one, but focuses on the development of robots capable of doing tasks.

  • Servicing:

It is the part of  that focuses on the design and construction of robots capable of providing valuable services to the members that form society.

  • Artificial intelligence:

It is robotics focused on creating intelligent machines with reasoning capacity.

  • Cybernetics:

It studies and applies the automatic communication and regulation systems of humans and applies them to mechanical and electronic systems that resemble them.

What Options Do I Have To Study Robotics?

There are several study options depending on the level of studies we have. We can go from specialized degrees through master’s degrees, more generic careers or specific courses.

One of the specific options is the Degree in Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics. They are relatively recently created studies and the most detailed and complete.

These studies teach the design of electronic devices, the modelling and simulation of systems, the construction of industrial robots and the maintenance of electronic and robotic equipment.

Degree In Robotics:

Mechatronics combines concepts from the four engineering systems such Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanics and Control. Hence I tell you that they are the complete studies.

Another degree, somewhat less concrete and covering robots topics, is the Degree in Electronic and Automatic Industrial Engineering. They are industrial engineering studies that incorporate the formation of robot systems in the second half, although it does not make as much emphasis as the degree above.

There are also other technical careers in this that include subjects oriented to robots, moreover less specialized than the previous two degrees. We speak, for example, of Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Specifically, today in Spain, we can study at the following Universities:

  •  Alicante University: Degree in Robotic Engineering
  • University of Seville: Degree in Electronic Engineering, Robots and Mechatronics
  • Malaga and the University of Seville)
  • In Malaga: Degree in Electronic Engineering.
  • University Jamia I: Degree in Robotic Intelligence
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC): University degree in Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering
  • University of Vic: University Degree in Mechatronics Engineering
  • La Salle: University degree in Electronic Engineering and Robotics
  • La Almunia University: University Degree in Mechatronics Engineering
  • Loyola University: University Degree in Mechatronics and Robots Engineering
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid: University Degree in Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering.

The Master Option:

Another option, if we already have some technical studies and are interested in specializing in robotics, maybe to do one of the existing masters oriented to the world of robotics.

We can currently find masters in robots and automation in Spain, cybernetics or mechatronics.

If we have doubts about which one to do, I can indicate that the master’s degree  and automation is more oriented to industrial robotics and services. It is an eminently practical master’s degree, but the requirement is to study industrial engineering, telecommunications or computer science.

If our interest is focus , we should opt for a master’s in cybernetics. These masters are complete because they touch on different areas such as automation, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and virtual and augmented reality. In short, a various range of subject

What If I Don’t Have Higher or Advanced Studies?

Not having higher education does not mean that we cannot become professionals in robots.  It is a set of sciences ranging from programming to mechanics.

A good alternate is the courses that increase proliferate in programming oriented to artificial intelligence, fundamental for the operation of robots.

Job Opportunities In Robotics

As we have been able to preceive, the professional fields of robotics are various according to the level of specialization and knowledge that we may have. Specifically, we can say that we can dedicate ourselves to robotics in one of these professional sectors:

  • Robotic Engineer:

This role is that of those responsible for developing robots, which can take time for the required research. Once the robot is design, you’ll need to oversee almost the entire development process, from safety to testing and analyzing every move.

  • Robots and electromechanical technician:

There are two different types of technicians. The one specializes in robotics repairs, does the robots’ maintenance, and builds some of the parts. The electromechanical technician works with the engineer in designing new robots.

  • Software Developer:

It is the last link in the chain. However, it is not the least important because it is the one who must be responsible for operating and repairing robots and working correctly.

In brief, if your passion is robotics, you can see that there are thousand options to start or specialize in it; everything will depend on your current level of studies and on your economic possibilities; however, if you are excited, you should not give it up.