Smart bedroom gadgets are the second part of our room-by-room guide to the best innovative home products currently available, and it’s all about the best room in the house, the bedroom.

You need innovative technology to control your bedroom, from gadgets to help you sleep well to those that brighten up your mornings.

1. Google Home

Google Home is helpful in the bedroom and has many features that make it an instrumental piece for your bedside table. It wakes you up in the morning (“Ok Google, set the alarm for 7 am Google, clear my alarm for 7 am”)

2. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

Smart bedroom gadgets are the second part of our room-by-room guide to the best innovative home products It’s a treat, price-wise, but if you’re the kind of person who can’t sleep unless the air is perfect, you might find it’s worth every penny. The application is not an empty plugin but a powerful control centre to inspect and modify every environment element. As our review comments, you can “monitor your room’s air quality, temperature, and humidity from anywhere.” in the world”, if you will.

3. Sleep phones

Once you live in a basement apartment on a busy street with single glazing, you become an expert in sleep acoustics. SleepPhones continue to be our go-to method of blocking out sleep-disturbing noise, whether it’s in your bedroom or another noisy place you’d like to take a nap.

4. Fitbit Alta Hr

Alongside the Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit has introduced two new sleep tracking features that take the wearable company’s already functional sleep tracking capabilities to a new level. The first, Sleep Stages, uses your heart rate and the band’s accelerometer to calculate how long you’ve spent in each sleep stage (light restorative sleep, deep healthy sleep, and dreamy REM sleep that creates memories). This not only lets you gauge how long you slept but also how restorative that sleep was – helpful if you continually wake up past eight and feel exhausted.

5. Amazon Kindle Voyage

The Voyage has a 6-inch touchscreen with a comfortable 300ppi resolution, is thin and light enough to take with you, and doesn’t cause the same sleep-disrupting eye strain as reading on a phone or tablet. There’s a model with “free” 3G for an extra wad of cash, but considering it comes with heaps of books and only needs a top-up every few weeks, you’ll be more than happy with the WiFi edition if you have a plan a little in advance.

6. Belkin Wemo Switch

Belkin’s WeMo Switch is particularly efficient because you don’t need a hub or any other product to operate it. Just use an app to connect it to your home WiFi. WeMo Switches also integrate with Amazon Alexa and now Google Home so that you can plug in all the electrical devices in your bedroom – the TV, the lamp, the fan – and turn them on and off without leaving the bed. Just be sure to keep your firmware up to date so you don’t accidentally contribute to a botnet.

7. Philips Hue

Philips Hue is arguably the most comprehensive intelligent lighting platform and the one we recommend for your vanity if money isn’t an issue. Why? For starters, you have a wide range of different lamp, fixture, and mounting options, making it a lot easier to integrate bright lighting into your existing decor. And second, because it works very, very well.

8. Ikea Nordli Wireless Charging Bedside Table

If you have a phone with Qi wireless charging, it’s worth buying one to see your favourite non-tech friend’s face when you show it to them. Leaving the phone on the bedside table to charge feels like the kind of magic we’ve been promised for the future, and combining two things that are almost always together makes a lot of sense anyway. Much more sensitive than most intelligent home products.

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