How Has COVID-19 Affected Google Rankings: The search trends of different users depend on many factors. An example is the time of year. By this, we mean above all differences in terms of the months of the year. For instance, during the summer months, especially August, users perform fewer searches due to the holidays. It is at this time that companies also decrease their volume of publications. In this way, it is possible to maintain the positioning by reducing SEO articles’ writing. After the shock of COVID-19 in our lives, the positioning has changed radically. In this article, we explain how the coronavirus has affected the SEO positioning of companies.

Effects Of The Coronavirus On SEO Positioning:

The coronavirus seems to be here to stay. At least their presence is going to last for several years. However, its side effects will last for a few more years. Its impact on SEO positioning is already noticeable. Searches for specific terms have been reduced. Some sectors where investigations have decreased the most are in particular areas. Therefore, investment in local SEO strategies has declined, especially during the months of confinement in non-essential services.

By sector, COVID-19 has affected unevenly. Of course, online sales have skyrocketed. So companies have invested more in better positioning keywords that include “sale”, “online”, or “purchase”. Therefore, all companies with good positioning in keywords with these terms have benefited significantly.

Essential Services During COVID-19:

During these months, the proximity business has been partly enhanced, especially those dedicated to offering essential services. Therefore, establishments that we’re well-positioned for keywords such as “greengrocer”, “fishmonger”, or “butcher” have gained particular relevance at the local SEO level. Unlike the first case we told you about, the confinement has positively influenced this type of search this time.

During this time of seclusion, there has been a clear loser: the leisure and tourism sector. Therefore, any travel agency, cocktail bar, restaurant, hotel, etc., has diminished its visits. Traffic to websites of this type has decreased regardless of the positioning they would have acquired months ago.

However, some terms forgotten by users have experienced an enormous boom in these months. We refer to terms such as “sewing machine”, “sale of approved fabrics”, or “learning to sew”. Although these terms had a minimal audience before, they currently condense a large volume of users who search for them every day.

On the other hand, some companies have had to readapt. For example, a custom carpet making company may change its machinery to produce surgical masks. From the SEO positioning, this is a complex task to carry out. These types of websites might be well-positioned for other terms, but they don’t have a presence in new keywords. In addition, these new keywords where they want to start positioning have a lot of competition. Therefore, these types of tasks that are more complex to carry out can be performed by an SEO consultancy.

SEO Positioning Company To Position Itself After COVID-19

As you have already seen, the coronavirus has affected the search trend of users. An SEO positioning company with an expert group of SEO consultants can analyze current search trends. Thanks to these analyses, an SEO consultancy can determine new strategies based on each keyword’s volume of visits. In this way, you can boost keywords with more audiences than others. Therefore, it is possible to optimize the effort aimed at increasing positioning.

SEO consultants, therefore, strive to evaluate each case and determine the actions to be carried out. In this way, they reach the top positions for a particular keyword. They take all the factors into the currently developing factors that affect positioning. In this way, they can even be anticipate by recommending the measures to be carrie out in each case.