Digital signage has also become a platform for advertisers in the transportation sector, since passengers have to kill time while waiting to travel. One of the advantages of digital signage is that the safety instructions are broadcasted live and information frequently changes with minimum human involvement. For instance, digital signage in airports can convey the correct flight schedules and wayfinding information to travellers to find their destination quickly and improves travel experience.

Digital sign-age for the transportation industry


Digital sign-age networks can be used at boarding gates, check-in counters and other public places inside the airport to communicate updated flight information, announcement,s and emergency messages. Advertisers can promote their products and brand image at retail stores, restaurants, baggage reclaim areas, and boarding gates at the terminal.


The screens installed behind the driver’s seat can also remain used for advertising. Entertaining content like news tickers, maps, weather, and tourism information can improve travellers’ satisfaction.


 The screens inside the bus provide news, announcements, and promotions of local companies. With GPS, the transportation companies can play advertisements based on the location.

 Train and subway

 The digital sign-age network at the train and subway stations can enable transmitting train timetables and directions at the entrance and passageways. Attractive advertisements on the escalator walls create amazing visual effects.

Ferry and cruise

 Digital menu boards can remain set up in restaurants. Displays in the shop areas present attractive promotions of products, services, and events. Live information such as weather and news are useful and entertaining for the travellers.

Digital sign-age for logistics

 Digital signage is modifying supply chains, providing valuable ‘just in time’ data – an inventory management method where goods remain received from suppliers only when required. This information is useful for teams that do not have immediate access to other communication methods like email.

Advantages of digital signage for manufacturing and logistics

Digital sign-age benefits the manufacturing and logistics sector in the following manner:

  • Integrates with warehouse management systems to display live metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Displays health and safety messaging for employees
  • Centrally manages all the content for different sites