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Inspector Gadgets Costume to solve with an Inspector Gadgets costume from our selection! Offering everything from exclusive Inspector Gadget female costumes to some of the necessary gadget accessories,

We suppose being a human cyborg makes being everlasting pretty easy. But there has to be something more about Inspector Gadget that earns him an invite back for every new group. Whatever it is, we’re here for it! And since you’re staying on this page, we know you and yours are too!

Whether you’re a fan of the 1980s-90s type of goofy overseer or your children can’t stop speaking about the newest repetition of the guy, our Inspector Gadget Halloween costume selection will have you all saying “Dowsers!”

Not sure if the family can handle numerous inspectors? Observing for an Inspector Gadget costume toddler will love as much as you’d enjoy an Inspector Gadget cosplay option? Then, we have just what you need to make you shout, “go-go gadget purchase!”

What Makes a Man?

Suppose you’re an icon like Inspector Gadget, a perfect look with plenty of trickery up its sleeves! So, if you or a precious one is looking to portray the infamous inspector for Halloween, you’ll need the wardrobe to compete. Luckily, our collection of Inspector Gadget costumes comes straight from our talented team of designers’ brilliant minds! You know you’ll be dressed for achievement in any available cuts and sizes with the Made by Us label. And while there may not be mechanisms, rocket-powered feet, or extendable limbs hidden in the joins, you’ll discover each of our Inspector Gadget designs is up for your Halloween fun!

inspector gadget coustume

Still not sensation like you have all the gadgets you need to break into the Halloween scene? Let this selection be the motivation you need to discover our other fixtures and costumes. Activate your gadget copter and fly through our selection of Halloween props and décor, where you’ll find some surprising accompaniments for any home or outfit. Or see how far you can income your Inspector Gadget ideas with dissimilar extensions, hats, or other masking accessories. With a selection as expansive and inclusive sours, you’re sure to find exactly what’s needed to create an Inspector Gadget as the world has never seen!

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These cool homemade Inspector Gadget Costumes are shared with us by costume enthusiasts worldwide. Along with the costumes here, you’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and D.I.Y. Halloween costume inspiration for your next costume project. Enjoy!

Cool D.I.Y. Inspector Gadgets Costume

An Inspector Gadget costume for a while finally pulled the trigger this year.  I was so happy at the outcome that I thought I would share it.

I stalked Goodwill to come for the perfect coat, and one day, there it was! The hat was Goodwill, too, as was the button-down white shirt. I don’t have an exact amount spent on that part, but you get the idea it wasn’t too expensive.  The tie was a cheap online purchase, and the pants and shoes were already in my secret.  The gloves and wig stayed in my costume stash, so there was no cost there.  Same with the enlarging glass for the Inspector Gadget clothing.

Some Wire Hanger and Used Gloves

used wire support and some dishwashing gloves from the dollar store.  Bent the hanger into a few fingers’ worth of shape and fit it into the glove stuffed with leftover batting and stuffing from the depths of my craft supplies. I tucked the wire into the hat edge, and several spaced-out stitches secured the wire to the hat.  Since the hat was a little loose and was adding weight to it.

Inspector Gadgets Trending Products

Inspector Gadgets Trending Products

It took an old baseball cap, spun it around backward, and sewed it inside the hat – leaving a section unsecured so If could work some idea in for mounting the rotating warning light.  If you purchased a red light off the internet and glued a metal disk to the bottom, make sure it was only attached to the battery door so that it might open and replace the series…and don’t block the on and off switch.  Remember that section of the baseball cap If left free?  If reached in between the two hats and slid in a nice strong magnet and voila!

Suppose I purchased the police badge/holder at the party store and printed an ‘I.D.’ valentine out from a picture I found on the computer.  Then, I found the alligator clip/magnifying glass contraption at the tool store and had to have it.

Product Information

Becoming the most general inspector at the party is easy when you’ve got the right tools with our officially licensed Inspector Gadget costume. As you can see, everyone will love charitable high fives to the bright yellow hands springing from your head. It’s beautiful and unusual. Yes, your noggin’ will get a lot of devotion, but the rest of your look will also be outstanding because this clothing looks and feels like the real thing. Its high quality means you’ll be able to solve plenty of cases and give out an inappropriate number of high-fives. Go-go, Gadget F.U.N.!

Items Included

  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Belt
  • Pair of Gloves
  • Badge


Criminals better beware when Inspector Gadget receives his most recent upgrade:  you!  With this Inspector Gadget Costume, you’ll have everything you need to take down M.A.D.  This Gray jacket and hat combo are designed to perfectly replicate the look from the iconic ’90s show, including the bright yellow Go Gadget Hands popping out of the hat.  This is a stylish look for any affair, and this is the natural way to solve a crime! – Jacket w/ Attached Badge – Hat – Belt – Pair of Gloves.

Get dressed in the Inspector Gadget clothing. Gently attach the helicopter to the shoe polisher in the hat. Put on the cap and turn on the switch! You are now totally awesome.