Scrapper or Soul’s Fist – Introducing

Scrapper or Soul’s Fist uses Heavy Gauntlets to perform combos using Stamina Skills and Shock Skills. They also have highly damaging attacks as well as excellent mobility. Scrapper is an Advanced Class of Martial Artist in Lost Ark. Learn more about the Advanced Class – Scrapper, Skills List, Tripod, Stats, Skins (Outfits), Combos, and so much more.

Scrapper – Unique Mechanic

Stamina Energy & Shock Energy

Scrappers consume either Stamina Energy or Shock energy to perform their skills and combos to deal damage. Using one energy type will increase the other energy type subsequently. The Scrapper is a bulkier advanced Martial Artist class. These characters operate best as tanks/DPS as they can deal massive damage and have an excellent health pool. Scrappers rely heavily on melee attacks in battle but have less mobility than other Martial artists advanced classes.

Lost Ark Scrapper Overview

The Scrapper is the ‘heavy’ version of Martial Artists. The class features giant gloves as weapons and focuses on big, slow hits and sacrificing movement for massive damage.

It also features a unique gameplay element – Chi. Skills effectively cost Chi, and to maximize your output, you need to use a good balance of skills to keep your Chi even. Despite this, it’s a great beginner class that’s good at both PvE and Paws

What is Scrapper or Soul's fist? – Introducing, Overview, And More

Lost Ark Soul Fist Overview

Soul’s fist is best described as a ‘jack of all trades’ – a class that can do a bit of everything but isn’t quite the best at anything. It has a good mix of melee and ranged spells, and you’ll often be combining both in your attacks. It’s not a challenging class to play. The issue is that you need more knowledge of the fights because if you miss your long casting awakening skills, your DPS goes down the drain. It sounds like a spinning plates class. you pretty much need to know the fights, which makes it a challenging course to play

The class can be relatively complicated and has a reasonably high skill cap due to its mixture of abilities. Therefore, it’s not for everyone but appeals to people who want to be able to do a bit of everything.

Scrapper or Soul’s Fist – Which Advanced Martial Artist Class to Choose

choosing a class in Lost Ark is a difficult choice. There are a few main lessons that each break down further into advanced courses. The Martial Artist class has four advanced types, Striker, War dancer, Scrapper, and Soul’s fist.

Of the four advanced Martial Artists classes, the Scrapper is the one that stands out. Scrappers can have less mobility than other Martial Artist classes but make up for it with low cooldown times and massive DPS output. Striker and War dancer are two versions of the same class, and while being suitable for beginners, they lack the damage needed to stay viable in late-game. Finally, Soul’s fist is one of the highest DPS classes in the game, but its reliance on energy in battle can be a hindrance. If players run out of power, they must wait until it is refilled to continue the fight.

What is Scrapper or Soul's fist? – Introducing, Overview, And More

Lost Ark: Scrapper or Soul’s Fist Class Guide

Soul’s fist is an advanced class underneath the Martial Artist tree in Lost Ark. It’s a highly mobile class specializing in melee and ranged attacks through a glowing, powerful medallion.

The Soul fist is a robust PvP carry and is more than capable of solo carrying a team in arenas. However, it takes some commitment to refine your playstyle, as it has a pretty high skill ceiling with potentially massive damage output. Soul fist also provides a lot of heavy-hitting damage in PvE endgame raids. This class overview tells you everything you need to know about picking Soul fist as your primary.


Scrapper PVE builds, the build below, uses the Shock Training Engraving for Scrappers. You will mainly focus on building up Specialization and Crib to increase your overall damage with the best stats possible.

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