Structured Cabling Systems

Kinetic IT offers a complete turnkey service for Structured Cabling Systems (SCS). We have a team of qualified and experienced construction engineers and project managers and our installation teams across the country.

The success and reliability of your IT mainly depend on the quality of the cabling infrastructure you have installed. Therefore, we will work with you from the earliest design stages through installation and commissioning, meeting your future needs.

Our SCS Service Offerings Include:

  • Free advice
  • Site inspections, CAD drawings and documentation
  • Schematic representations of the complete system
  • Comprehensive testing and warranties backed by the manufacturer of your SCS
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) at the end

SCS Infrastructure Coverage Including:

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat 6a and Cat 7 copper solutions
  • OS2 single-mode solutions
  • OM3, OM4 multimode fibre solutions
  • MPO parallel fiber solutions for 40 and 100 gig connectivity
  • Cisco Bi-Di fiber optic solutions for 40-gigabyte connectivity
  • Pre-terminated copper and fibre optic solutions

Voice Cabling Solutions

Kinetic IT is an independent vendor installer but has strong partnerships and connections with the world’s leading manufacturer brands and solution providers.

Blown Fiber Infrastructure Solutions

Blown fibre technology can propose one of the most flexible and cost-effective solutions to installing a fibre optic system on a complex campus. It fibre optic hoses and ducts can be installed at a large site in preparation for future fibre optic cable installation, resulting in less disruption for future growth and maximizing the speed of deployment as needed.

Kinetic IT is a few UK companies experienced and also, fully qualified to provide a complete fibre optic design and installation service.

Our Blown Fiber Services Include:

  • Design and implementation of new piping systems and underground wells
  • Design office, studies and civil engineering
  • Capacity management reports and feasibility studies of old pipelines and also, underground wells
  • Design and installation of high quality external and internal blown fibre infrastructure
  • Management and advice to municipalities on public road works

Custom Designed Cable Containment, Management And Support Systems

We have an inventory of facilities and equipment to service all indoor and outdoor blown fibre installations, including compressors, gusting heads and also, fully equipped vehicles to handle all site environments.

Transmission And AV Cabling

Our AV and broadcast cabling department offer a complete design and also, installation facility, and we have close and trusted working relationships with leading system integrators in the industry.

Kinetic IT has extensive experience in the broadcast industry and also, related and evolving IP broadcast applications. Our in-depth knowledge of this industry and also, specialized technology allows us to innovate and advise on best practices for this evolving market.

Our broadcast cabling technicians are trained to install, terminate and test all broadcast and also, AV cabling technologies.

High-Quality Cable Pulling Devices.

It consists of an inner fibreglass composite centre shaft covered by a durable, high-density engineering plastic shell. Unlike other cheaper pipe poles available on the market, the pipe poles manufactured by Adishwar Tele-Networks have high tensile strength and flexibility, which allows them to move through narrow ducts and ducts. In addition, the protective engineering plastic outer layer is smooth and durable. It also protects the inner shaft from mechanical damage.

Products For Telecommunications Networks

The products are designed to organize and also, manage fibre optic cables and passive optical splitters in an indoor installation environment, typically within the MDU, providing a connection/connection interface.