Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips -Introducing

Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips is critical in prolonging your electric shaver’s life and ensuring optimum performance. Like your car engine needs oil to lubricate moving parts and reduce wear, so does your electric Shaver.

To provide a  close shave, the metal blades and blades on your electric shaver machine to very low tolerances. As a result, these parts come into contact with each other. During use, this friction causes heat and wear. To reduce these effects to a minimum, regular lubrication of moving parts is vital.

Why is Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips so Important? – Advantages of lubricant your Shaver

Reduces the heat generated by the friction of the blades and blades, improving comfort during shaving. This will reduce the risk of irritation and blemishes. The life of moving parts extends,  so you don’t have to replace them often. Improves the closeness of the shave.  As you use your Shaver constantly, wear on the blades and foil will gradually affect its performance. In some extreme cases, the blades could damage the blades, so you’ll want to replace them before the risk of serious injury becomes real. However, with an adequately lubricated shaver, this process will slow down, and you’ll be able to get close, comfortable shaves for a longer time before parts need to replace. Another bonus effect is that the heat generated reduces, allowing you to use more passes and apply a little more pressure for a smooth, close shave.

Less stress puts on the motor.  A lubricant allows moving parts to glide with minimal resistance, which means the motor will work less to keep them moving, and most of its energy uses to cut facial hair with minimal heat loss.

Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips

How to Como Lubricar your Electric Shaver

Now that we’ve seen why lubrication is essential let’s look at how to do it correctly and what the different options are.

Spray Lubricator

Spray lubricants are an effortless and convenient way to clean and lubricate a shaver. For cleaning, however, I recommend using a brush beforehand to remove most of the facial hair and dirt. Also, if you use your razor with shaving cream or gel, you should thoroughly clean it – hot water and a bit of liquid soap should do the trick.

After that, spray the blades and blades generously and let them air dry for a few minutes. If you have a  rotary shaver, you need to disassemble the shaving head and spray the blades and the inner housing of the metal latches. Make sure to put them back together the same after drying.

There are quite a few options for suitable spray lubricants; the Braun Shaver Cleaner is one of the most popular and comes in a 100ml can. The price is reasonable and works great as a cleaner and lubricant. Do not miss this article where we explain everything you need to know about How to clean your Shaver Perfectly with spray and lubricant

Light Oils and Low Viscosity Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips

The other option is to use a light multi-use oil. Sewing machine oil works too. Some manufacturers sometimes include a small bottle of lubricant in the package. But it’s not always like this. we use light sewing machine oil with all my razors, which is very effective and cheap. In addition, the app is straightforward. For blade shavers, just put a drop or two on each inner blade and the trimmer, as this can prevent the blades from heating up during use.

If your electric shaver has the blades and blades built into one piece that cannot be disassembled (such as Braun’s heads), put a drop or two on each blade. Replace the shaving head and turn it on for a few seconds to allow the oil to enter through the perforations in the blade and distribute evenly throughout the piece.

Additional Shavers

For rotary shavers, you don’t necessarily have to separate them; Put a few drops on each shaving head then let it run for a few seconds and you’re all set.

Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips

How Often should you Oil your Razor?

For the frequency of lubrication, you must consider how the electric Shaver is used and cleaned.

My Recommendation is the Following in Como Lubricar Afeitadora Philips:

At least twice a week if you don’t use soap and water to clean your Shaver.  A spray lubricant is probably more suitable for this situation as it also helps clean the parts. Twice a week is a good rule for men who prefer dry shaving.

Before or after each use, shave with shaving gel/cream or clean the blade with soap and water.  This cleaning method will also remove any form of lubrication from the blades and knives. I put a few drops of lube before I  shave, but there’s no right or wrong way to do it.


Hopefully, this article has helped you strip away some of the proper lubrication of an electric shaver. And it is that important, as it will save you money in the long run, improve comfort and ensure optimal shaver performance with every use.

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