IMC Business – Introduction, About Business, Benefits, And More

IMC Business – Introduction

IMC Business is the first Indian Direct Selling Company that uses a unique business model that eliminates mediators. National Achievement Award was presented to IMC. In the year 2008 – 2009, introduced the first 18 products of the company.

IMC is ongoing its journey towards creating a better world. A world of health, wealth and also comfort.  The ayurvedic product choice is one of the strongest Pillar of IMC. By promoting Herbal, Products IMC aims to transport back the century’s old science of Ayurveda that holds the mysteries of disease-free life.

We are a direct selling business with a strong reason for making the world a better place to live. Since our inception, we’ve been tirelessly working on manufacturing products that will help create a disease-free and stress-free world. Bringing back the centuries-old medicine system of Ayurveda, we have taken responsibility for ensuring holistic healing for all.

What is the Full Form of IMC?

An integrated marketing message is a multi-disciplinary field that combines traditional and new media practices.


Over the years, the organization has made a phenomenal advancement towards its goal by creating individuals financially independent with their hardworking marketing model and also creating a healthier world with their finest organic products. We believe in making Ayurveda the one-stop solution for holistic healing for everyone shortly and empowering them with financial stability.

About IMC Business

when two passionate individuals, Dr Ashok Bhatia and also Mr Satyan Bhatia, decided to embark on a trip towards creating a better world. A world of health, wealth, and also comfort. And also in this mission, they started IMC, a direct selling company that deals in organic Ayurvedic original herbal, health, beauty, and personal care products.

IMC Business

IMC Business has become even more accessible now, as the company has made a significant change in the business plan, which will be implemented in 2020. Information about the new business plan of IMC is given here.

Friends, today we are successful in talking about the Business plan. What is IMC’s income plan, and how do you get Income from it? We will also know how people earn lakhs of rupees a month from the IMC business.

What are the Benefits you will become after Joining IMC Business?

  • Own Business with no investment
  • IMC product discounts up to 40%
  • Performance incentive – up to 10 -35%
  • Special incentive Awards up to 17 %
  • Leadership Bonus up to 17%

All these percentages are calculated based on the turnover of the IMC company. So as your level increases in this Business, you have got different types of funds.

How to Make Income in IMC?

To get Income in this Business, you do not have to do any different work, and you have to do what you have been doing till now. First, you have to change your shop. For the last numerous years, you have been buying your home necessities from some shop. So far, you will have spent a lot of money from you.

How IMC Products work

Imipenem + Cystatins is a combination of two medicines: Imipenem + Cilastatin1 and also Imipenem + Cilastatin2. Imipenem + Cilastatin1 is an antibiotic. It works by preventing the creation of the bacterial protective covering, which is essential for the survival of bacteria in the human body. In addition, Imipenem + Cilastatin2 is a DE hydro peptidase I inhibitor that blocks an enzyme’s activity that causes a breakdown of Imipenem + Cilastatin1. Hence, it helps Imipenem + Cilastatin1 stay active in your body for a more extended period.

Frequently asked questions about IMC Products

  1. For how long is IMC Vaccination used?

The duration of treatment with IMC Injection depends on the severity of your infection, which your doctor will decide.

  1. How long does IMC Injection take to work?

Usually, IMC Injection starts working soon after attractive it. However, it may take approximately days to kill all the harmful bacteria and make you feel better.


Hero Product of IMC. By encouraging Herbal Products, IMC aims to bring back the century’s old science of Ayurveda that holds the secrets of disease-free life by consuming medicines made with natural herbs. IMC made a healthy addition to our everyday life with its Ayurvedic: Health and Nutrition product range.

first-ever magazine: Choo Lo Aasman. The goal of IMC is to promote Swadeshi products in the domestic and international market via Direct Selling and eliminate the role of mediators. Excellency Award of Ayurveda presented to IMC. IMC has come up with a single range of Skin and Personal care products that are just worth it and effective to the core.

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