What Is Reddit and How to Use It The Guide


There are plenty of specialized discussion forums out there, but if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, it’s hard to look beyond Reddit. The site offers news, discussion, answers and entertainment on almost any theme imaginable.

Reddit claims to be “the front sheet of the internet” and has proven to be precisely that over the last period and a half. Its workers seem to have the ability to spot trends and news before anyone else and then comment on them, often with exceptional wit or shrewd insight. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, here’s a guide to all things Reddit, how to best enjoy it, and how to get involved.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a massive group of forums where registered users can talk about almost anything you can think of from current affairs, pop culture, tech, comics, movies, literature and stuff. Strangest in the world, including some. very NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff.

What Is A Subreddit?

These specialized forums are called “subreddits” named r/”topic” (example: r/gadgets). There are over 130,000 active subreddits. You are free to read and participate in all of them, except private subreddits requiring approval. You can also pledge to subreddits so that your most popular posts appear on your personalized Reddit homepage.

Can I Create My Subreddit?

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Suppose you are registered, yes. If your dream subreddit doesn’t exist yet, you can create one yourself. However, you should follow community guidelines as subreddits have always been taken down for being involved in illegal activities or being used as a hangout for hate groups.

How Do I Find Subreddits?

There is an exploration box at the top of every page on the site. Just type in any topic, and you’ll probably find it. However, if you are looking for NSFW topics, you must be registered and check the “Include NSFW results” box.

How To Submit, Comment And Vote On Reddit?

Reddit is open to anyone free to browse and read. You can also register and participate more.

Registered users can log in to any of the public subreddits. You can also join subreddits, an action that affects the appearance of the main Reddit page (more on that later).

You canister also comment on other people’s posts by simply clicking on the open comment box below the post. Similarly, you can reply to people’s comments by clicking reply.

Finally, registered users can vote for or against any submissions, allowing Reddit to show recommendations on the front page.

How Does The Cover Work?

Reddit has a main page that features specific posts through various algorithms. This main page has different tabs.

If you’re not registered, the default tab is Active, which is a view of your top submissions over some time. The score is determined by subtracting the negative votes from the positive voices.

Can I Be Banned From A Subreddit?

Yes, moderators can ban you if you don’t follow the rules. There are different types of moderators. Some are stricter than others, but any moderator will quickly ban you if you regularly break the rules.

Banning a single subreddit only prevents you from posting in that specific forum; you can still browse even if you get banned. Also, you can still submit to other subreddits on the site.

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