Google Play Store  – Introducing

Google play store is to install the Google Play Supply on an Amazon Fire Tablet. You must first let the connection of apps not be from the Amazon App Store. Then, you essentially move and connect the Google Play Store app and its needs from or another trusted website.

The Google play tablets limit you to the Amazon Appstore, but they run Passion OS, a conventional type of Android. That resources you can install Google’s Play Store to advance access to lots of Robot apps and games, with Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and supplementary.

The best portion of connecting the Play Supply on your Excitement Tablet is that it doesn’t need in-depth “hacking” like rooting or running scripts from a PC. It’s just a matter of transferring and installing a few APK files from the pill itself, and you’ll be up and successively with the Play Store, just like your Android phone or tablet! Let’s get started.

Download the Play Store Files

Before we begin, ensure your Passion Tablet is from 2014 or later. This procedure may not work with old Burn Fire drugs as you need to enable “Apps from Mysterious Bases.”

First, open the “Settings” app from the “Homebased” tab on the home screen. With that out, we can start downloading the Play Store files. We will need four APK files to get the Play Store up and, successively, precisely to your Fire Tablet.

To find out which Amazon Fire Tablet perfect you have, go to Situations > Device Options > About Fire Pill. You’ll see your “Device Perfect” name here. To see your Fire OS form, go to Settings > Expedient Options > System Updates. Once all is installed and up-to-date, try adapting it to your Google Play app again. It would help if you were back in business, ready to take advantage of all the Play Store offers to your Amazon Kindle Fire. If you want to remove Apoidea after successfully employing it, go fast and then do so.

Download the Play Store Files

Protective the Google Play Sign-In Issue on Your Light Fire Is Easy

So, nearby you have it—now you identify how to symbol in with Google Play on your Spark Fire and attack these issues. You shouldn’t have equal difficulties over advanced, but you can re-follow these tips if you do. Your devices are only as good as the apps it supports. Hence Play Store must run appropriately on your Amazon Fire Tablet. Users must install the Play Store via third-party installations, as the Fire tablet has its proprietary app store.

However, if not installed properly as intended, the Play Store will not work on the Fire Tablet. With its vast app repository. The Play Store is a great place to download apps. It is also probably a given that no better alternative exists at the moment instead of the App Store on any branch of Android. So, to make the most out of your Fire Tablet, you will probably need to install Play Store.

How to Fix Google Play on Fire Tablets After Update

Google Play on your Fire tablet suddenly stopped working correctly after the Alexa update. Here’s a quick fix to get things working again. It would help if you connected a couple of newer versions of Google apps: Google Account Manager and Google Services Framework. Then restart your tablet, and that’s it.

The Google Play store and some other apps downloaded from the Play store stopped working after the Alexa update on my $49 Fire tablet. At first, it seemed okay, but the apps wouldn’t update or load correctly. Some folks at XDA mentioned installing the newer versions of Google’s apps, which got things back up and rolling over in just a few minutes.

You only need to install 2 of the apps instead of all 4 if you followed this Fire tablet Google Play install guide or any similar tutorial where you sideloaded the Google Play store and accompanying apps.

How to Fix Google Play on Fire Tablets After Update

How to Fix Play Store Not Working on Fire Tablet?

The Google Play Store is not pre-installed and available on the fire tablet during purchase. Users have to sideload it onto their tablets to access the total utility of the Play Store. The installation process requires 3 other applications apart from the Play Store.

Clear Play Store Cookies and Cache.

  • Open “Settings” on your Fire tablet.
  • Find “Apps and Notification.”
  • Tap on “Manage all applications” or “See all applications” and search for Play Store.
  • After finding the App Store, tap on it and then on “Storage.”
  • Under Storage, press” Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache.”

Once users clear the Play Store of cookies and cache. Any corrupt data in the app memory will wipe off. Users will also probably need to Sign-In again after clearing off Storage data and storing it from the app. If any corrupt data exists, following the above steps will restore the app to working order.

Make Sure Your SD Card Is Not in The Tablets While Installing the Play Store App.

While downloading and installing the necessary apps on your Fire tablet, users should make sure that their SD card is not in the tablet. Having the SD card inside the tablet while loading the apps can cause problems. As the Play Store and the relevant apps must be on the internal memory, having an external memory like an SD could make the app load onto the SD card.

To ensure that the apps get installed on the internal memory, safely eject and remove the SD card from your tablet. After removing the SD card then, only proceed with the installation process. Users should also ensure that the apps get installed on the internal memory, as the SD card can sometimes get damaged. Removing the SD card from the device with the app loaded on it can also cause problems with the app.

Make Sure Your SD Card Is Not in The Tablet While Installing the Play Store App.

Why Is Google Play Store Not Working on My Fire Tablets?

The biggest drawback could probably be the omittance of the Google Play Store on its tablet devices. That does not mean the Fire tablet does not consume an app store. It is limited in choice and selection.

With the device running on Android and its base with Fire OS on top, the device should be able to support most, if not all, apps on the Play Store. The good thing is that Play Store can be installed through 3rd party sources on the device. The installation process requires due diligence but is simple in steps. Play Store could not work on your tablet due to faulty installation processes. Having a memory card on your tablet during installation can also cause problems for the device. Users should also ensure that they are installing the correct and compatible version of Play Store on the device or that the services won’t work.

If you already have a working Play Store and are having problems using the app again, then clearing the cookies and cache could help. Rebooting is another option; however, resetting should only be done after all other methods have proven ineffective.

Properly Install the Play Store.

To run the Play Store properly on your Fire tablet, users must ensure that all other necessary Google services are. Having a different build version can also affect the way the app works.

To make sure that Installs the Play Store and works appropriately, Follow the Given Steps:

Properly Install the Play Store.

Allow permission to install from an Unknown source.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Next, head to “Security and Privacy.”
  • Enable the option “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

This toggle is kept off to ensure that users do not end up downloading software from malicious sources. APKs from unknown sources can pose security threats to the device. Hence it is, by default, kept off. However, since we need to install the app from the web, we need permission. Rest assured that the links provided here in the article will be safe.

How to Install the Google Play Store

The good news is that connecting the Play Store on a Fire Tablet doesn’t need “hacking,” “rooting,” or doing whatever from your PC. The easiest method is to download the necessary files and install them. Read through this entire guide and ensure you appreciate each step before you get going.

Before You Start

There are a few bounds you should know about.

  • Approximately apps installed: Yes, you’ll have the Play Store installed, but inopportunely, that doesn’t mean every app will be obtainable or work properly. For example, whatever that trusts on GPS data is out of fluke, and you won’t find approximately apps because Fire tablets are not SafetyNet-certified by Google.
  • Play Store apps don’t work with Amazon Kids and have not yet connected to the Google Play Store on a Fire Pill Kids Edition. Still, intelligence from the web suggests that some apps strength not work with Amazon’s facility.
  • Google Family Link doesn’t work: Despite the attendance of the Google Play Store, you resolve not to be bright to achieve your Fire tablet done Google Family Link, which allows some parental controls. This, combined with the above issue, suggests you don’t fix the Google Play Store on a trick future for your child.

Install Google play store on Fire Tablet and Other Services

Installing the Google Play Store alone will not be enough. To use the Play Store, users along with the Play Store also need to download and install 3 other apps from Google.

  • Account Manager.
  • Service Framework.
  • Play Services.

These three services are necessary for Play Store to work correctly. Depending on your Fire tablet model, download the relevant APK from the given links.

Install Google play store on Fire Tablet and Other Services

Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablets the APKs.

After downloading the relevant APKs for your Fire tablet, it is finally time to install. Before installing, ensure your Micro SD card is not inside your device.

Now to start to Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablets the APKs, follow the given steps:

  • Open “Files” or “Docs.”
  • Find the “Downloads” folder, where all 4 APKs should be.
  • Install the APK, and after finishing each setup at the end, press “Done” and not “Open.”

Remove the SD card: Installing the Google Play Store can rub your SD card, so twitch it out if you have one. You can put it back in when. Make sure you have a 7th group or fresher Fire Tablet. You can find out you’re perfect by selling to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Pill. It should say somewhat like Fire HD 8.

We still do not endorse buying the Fire HD 7, which is too minor and underpowered to be helpful. These instructions intend to use on the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 drugs, 7th group or newer. Lastly, appreciate that you are walking off the official track here. That doesn’t mean you’re successful in breaking anything or falling target to some scam, but if anything goes wrong, it will be up to you to resolve it. Feel free to post a remark below if you’re having trouble.

Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablets Enable Apps from Outside Sources

To get Google Play up and successively, you must install four APK files. APK refers to the file delay, which is. Ape. All Android apps as .ark files. The various apps supple skin this part from you. But once you click “Install” in an app store, what’s happening is that you’re downloading a .ape file. You can practice Amazon’s Silk web browser to move these records, but by default, Silk can’t install .apt files.

To change that, skull to the Settings app, select Safety & Privacy > Apps from Mysterious Sources > Silk browser. Then toggle the allow option. Once that’s done, you’re ready to copy files.

Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablets Enable Apps from Outside Sources

Install the Google play store on the Fire tablet Service

We need to download four requests to get the Google Play Store working Google Account Supervisor, Google Facilities Framework, Google Play Service, and Google Play Store. The first three outline that the last one—the Play Store app—requests to purpose, so they need to first.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. Different Fire medicines run different types of Android, so the files you need to connect are very giving to which Fire tablet you have. Recollect, you can discover which tablet you have at Settings > Trick Choices > About Fire Drug.

Google Services Framework

This one is a little more compound since it depends on which version of Fire OS you’re successful in. You can find out by inspection on your Fire: Settings > Device Options > System Updates.

Devices successively Fire OS 7 need to transfer the Google Services Framework v9-4832352. This is why checking and seeing which version of Fire OS you’re using is essential.

Devices successively Fire OS 6 need to download the Google Facilities Framework v7.1.2. The compatible devices are mostly the early varieties of the 8th-generation Fire HD 8.

Google Play Services by Install Google Play Store on Fire Tablets

Fire HD 10 9th and 11th group and Fire HD 8 10th group: Download the file labeled Google Play Services

Note: Don’t download the beta types listed on this page. Look for the first file not considered beta, the third file in the list as of this writing. You’ll necessity to click on the Variants text under the file and search for the version we declared above.

Fire HD 8 8th generation: Download the Google Play Services file.

Note: Don’t download the beta types listed on this page. Look for the first file not considered beta, which is the third file as of this script. You’ll need to click on the Alternatives text below the file and exploration for the variety we mentioned above.

Install Google play store on Fire tablets Google Play Store

All Fire Tablets: Google Play Store

Whew, okay, you have all the documents we essential. Verify that they were all positively moved by foundational the Docs app and choose Downloads. You should see all four files.

INSTALL GOOGLE PLAY STORELog in to Your Install Google Play Store on Fire TabletsGoogle Account

Once your Fire tablet has resumed, you should be able to open the Google Play Supply, sign in to your Google Explanation, and start downloading apps. Again, not all work, but there’s undoubtedly a more extensive collection than what you get in Amazon’s web service Appstore.

Tips and Troubleshooting

If you want a more stock Android involvement, you can install a conventional launcher to hide all the Amazon apps you don’t wish to a necessity. I like Nova Launcher, but there are numerous others obtainable.

After installing the APKs from unknown bases, it’s good to go back and turn that choice off. It’s in Settings > Security & Privacy. Toggle off the Apps from the Unknown Sources option. It’ll prevent you from unintentionally downloading malicious software.

If you encounter difficulties installing apps from the Play Store, try paying for the app data. Head to Settings > Apps & Declarations > Manage All Claims. Look, complete that list, and find the Play Store. Tap to edit the surroundings. The first step is to tap Might Stop to shut down the Play Store. Next, tap Packing, then Clear Data. Once restart your device and try classification into the Play Store again.


Fire tablet, also known as Kindle Fire, is a cheap tablet you can buy on Amazon. These tablets are great for creating your innovative home controller dashboard and managing all your smart home devices from them.

This blog post discussed turning your tablet into a home automation controller. However, most of the time, we would need to install Android Apps and have access to Google Play services. Amazon’s Fire Tablet typically restricts you to the Amazon App Store. But as the Fire Tablet is running an Android-based OS, we can also install the Google Play Store and access Android Apps.

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