user, are you? After that, you should be conversant with “Minha Conta” This article aims to give a detailed explanation of anything surrounding Minha Conta We handle everything in that regard, from account management to changing email, password, and account details. Therefore, let us understand how one can maximize their account.

Minha Conta A Brief Overview offers Minha Conta, a user account platform providing Brazil news, entertainment, and digital content. Having a Minha Conta gives you numerous features, such as customized content advice, among other incentives."</p

How Do I Delete My Globo Account?

The procedure of deleting your account if, for some reason, you want to do so is uncomplicated. Here’s how you can do it in a few simple steps:

        • Access Minha Conta and sign in.
        • Go to settings for your account.
        • Go to the delete account menu.
        • Click and do what you are told to do.

Are you sure that you wish to delete your account?

You need to understand that after removing your account, all the saved preferences, personalized recommendations, and other data linked to this account will not be recoverable. Take note of this before delving into the account cancellation process.

How to Change My Email, Password, and Account Details

It was necessary because if you wanted to have some good experience on Globo, you had to keep your information about an account updated. Minha Conta provides a simple means of changing the email address, password, or any other account information if necessary. Follow these steps to make the desired changes:How to Change My Email, Password, and Account Details

Changing Email Address

Enter in your minha conta globocom site.

Go to your account menu item.

Go to the page and find out how to change the email address.

Give the email address that you want to be using now.

Open your inbox and click the verification link for the new email address.

Save changes to have the email address updated successfully.

Change Password

Log in to Minha Conta

Click on the Account Settings option.

Locate an opportunity to change the password.

Put your present password as a way of verification.

Choose a strong, secure one and enter it into the box provided.

Save changes so that you can have the new password updated.

Update Account Details

Log in to [Minha Conta],

Go through the Account settings section,

Get into the Account details page

Edit some personal information like name, address, phone number, etc.

Review this and save for an update of your account details efficiency.


This article will overview [Minha Conta] and its various functionalities. It will show how to delete a account and adjust their email, password, or account details. With the steps provided, managing your account became easier. Remember to keep your personal information up-to-date for a personalized experience on Have fun browsing!