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What Is Phone Verification And How Can It Help Your Business?


Phone verification verifies that a phone number is correct. It lets you know if the phone number for a business contact or customer is active and can receive calls.

Validating Phone Numbers Helps Your Business In Several Conducts:

Customer Satisfaction: When you have the correct phone number for a customer, you can reach them at the most appropriate time. Whether you want to let them know about a new promotion or an update to their order, your customers will appreciate you staying in touch.

Agent Efficiency: The less time your agents spend calling idle lines or the wrong number, the more time they can connect with real customers. Verification also eliminates the need to update or delete inaccurate numbers manually.

Legal Compliance: You must follow specific rules and regulations when using telemarketing or SMS marketing. Phone number verification helps you comply with these regulations.

Effective Marketing: Our phone validation tools provide the phone number information you need, even if it’s tied to a mobile or landline number. It makes it easier to decide which type of marketing approach to use for this client.

How Does Phone Validation Work?

Our advanced phone verification uses data from approximately 1,500 telecommunications providers in over 200 countries and territories to provide accurate and fast results.

The validation process works by running the phone number against our extensive database. Experian’s phone verification software finds the number and verifies that it is active. The software also collects information such as phone type and network provider. To ensure that the phone number is call, our software sends a text message to the phone, which is not visible to the phone owner.

We can even sanitize phone numbers at the point of entry, so you can be sure they’re valid before they enter your database. In addition, our new Disposable Mobile Number Identification feature allows you to identify a disposable mobile number quickly. Finally, you can instantly see if a phone number is valid and avoid inaccurate data collection by using our phone verification tool.

Two Ways To Verify Phone Numbers

There Are Three Ways To Verify Phone Numbers, Depending On The Information You Need:

Phone Verification API: An API service helps you validate phone numbers in real-time; Remember this when paying online and write your phone number in the box. It allows you to prevent fake numbers from entering your database.

Bulk Phone Number Validation: Automatically clean your phone number list. You can schedule a recurring cleaning of the phone number list or download your phone number list whenever you want.

How Does Phone Number Validation Work?

When searching with the phone number validation tool above, IPQS will automatically look up. The number based on the country’s number routing rules. First, a quick syntax check is perform to ensure the phone number is in the correct format, then checked against the active line types. Once a match is found, carrier details are retrieved, and further analysis can be perform. Using data sourced directly from the carrier (with direct carrier relationships in over 75 countries), subscriber information. And line status can be identified. At this point, it remains possible to determine if the phone number is genuinely based on an active line connection. Or the quality of the disconnected phone number. Additional phone number reputation checks are perform to analyze history or abusive activity as an available temporary phone number. Finally, quickly analyze users and qualify leads with an overall phone risk score calculated for each number.

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